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colorful pants for men

Colored pants make a very bold, quirky statement and if you manage to pull them off, you will forever be seen as a trendsetter and a fashion icon. They have been considered as dashing pieces of garments that require having rock solid confidence for sporting them. Mastering how to wear colored pants takes just a little bit of thoughtful mixing and a dash of careless attitude to go with it. You can start off with a considerably subtler color or a faded color and work your way up to the brighter hues day by day. Begin with pants of grey, varied hues of blue including the light ones, dark brown or maroon and so on and slowly start wearing the bolder colors of forest green, red, white, yellow and even raspberry pink. Expand your wardrobe horizons beyond the usual dull colors and fade out into bright hues to make an easier transition from neutrals to bolder colors. The quality of the fabric matters a lot when buying colorful pants since low- quality fabrics fade easily and become old. If the pants fit around your thighs tightly, there is a tendency of them to get torn or ripped after a few uses. Therefore choosing materials that are of high quality and do not get ripped apart easily is essential.


When it comes to wearing colorful pants, the skinny ones or the slim fitting ones are always the only choices that you should go for. Brightly colored pants would never look good in baggy and loose styles. Whatever the hue might be, always go for a straight cut pair that is perfect fitting and doesn't have fabric bunching out at your ankles. Men who have a proportioned upper and a lower body tend to be more perfect to sport colorful pants than men who are a bit overweight. Always try the pants on before purchasing a pair and test its flexibility by squatting, stretching, walking and lunging before buying it. Ensure that it wraps around your legs comfortably and sits on your waist perfectly.

white slacks


Generally the tighter your colorful pants are, the more they lay on the casual edge. Hence style them up accordingly with t- shirts and casual accessories.

A white shirt or t-shirt goes with all kinds of colors of pants and therefore is considered the most neutral and the safest option out there.

If you are unsure about pairing colors and getting it right, then start out with a neutral colored shirt to avoid clashes and keep the look considerably subtler.

Pants that are very skintight look great with slim, tight-fitting shoes with a slim sole like converse sneakers or loafers. Skinny colored jeans with a pair of brogues or boots offer a classy look.

Lighter colored pants such as yellow, turquoise, orange, white, raspberry pink, mint green and so on are perfect for slim people who have fit and well- toned legs.

Darker colored pants like dark green, ink blue, brown, dark red, brown, maroon, grey etc look good on people who wider or more muscular legs and they create an illusion of length and makes them look thinner and taller.

Button-down shirts gingham or plaid shirts can look really good with colored pants. Make sure that the colors don't clash and that the pants are of one of the shades of the shirt.

The boots worn with colored pants should be of the slim kind like the Chelsea boots. Wear a heavier top like a sweater, a jumper or a blazer in a bold color that contrasts with the pants along with the Chelsea boots.

Easier looks include grey pants and a purple gingham shirt or brown pants with a light colored t-shirt. Pair them with the right accessories to create safe outfits that are much less riskier.

Bolder outfits include shirts of heavy black and grey prints paired with marigold yellow jeans or a white V- necked t-shirt, strawberry pink denim jacket and turquoise blue jeans.

Accessorize for the look perfectly and don't wear too many accessories as they tend to steal the focus off the colorful pants.

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