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Double Breasted- Suits With Class
Mensusa Double Breasted- Suits With Class Search for the double breasted 3 piece suits and two button tuxedo jackets that fit your body type and style.

double breastedThe double breasted suit is making a comeback, and with its more modern look wide peak lapels, trimmer sleeves, slimmer fit and shorter length you won't be able to resist adding one to your wardrobe in the near future, whether it's a suit for everyday wear or a tuxedo for those more formal outings.

The double breasted jacket overlaps when it buttons, which can be a very classy and sophisticated look. It may seem like this trend of men wearing double breasted suits is going out of style because it is in fewer and fewer stores as time goes on, but that might be because not everyone knows how to wear the double breasted suit jackets properly. You can still find plenty of selections available for order online.

The double breasted jacket can be worn in any suit style, from the three piece suit to the two button tuxedo. As always, which you choose depends on the occasion you are dressing up for. Here are a few insights on why wearing a double breasted suit jacket is an excellent style choice and some tips on how to wear the double breasted suit jacket, and several tips on how not to wear it as well.

3 piece suits- add another layer of elegance

Double breasted 3 piece suits could become your go-to when choosing semi-formal and formal wear. Anywhere you might wear a single breasted jacket, you can also opt for wearing a double breasted jacket instead to make your wear a little bit more noticeable. Wear your double breasted suit jacket out to dinner or to a party or even to the office every once in awhile, if you want to. Obviously, save your double breasted tuxedo jacket for the most formal occasions only. The advantage of the double breasted 3 piece suit jacket or double breasted tuxedo jacket is that it is in itself its own fashion statement. You can keep it simple by wearing your double breasted jacket and not have to worry about too many other flashy accessories or style choices to make your appearance pop.

First it is important to consider your body shape. While double breasted jackets work best if you are a medium or tall build, you can still wear them if you are a bit wider in the waist. You just have to make sure to get your double breasted suit tailored specifically to your waist so the overlapping lapels of your suit will keep your look sharp and uniform. Because wearing the double breasted suit is already a big move, you can pair it with a pocket square and bold tie to complete the ensemble. Because of the double breasted suit jacket's wide lapels, you can wear either a bow tie or a necktie with this kind of jacket. Always remember to fasten your "anchor button" as well, the button on the inside of the jacket that holds everything together.

Two button tuxedos- show off your style

Two button tuxedos are the perfect choice if you want to show off more of what you are wearing underneath, whether that be a dress shirt or the vest portion of your 3 piece suit. This is the more traditional form of tuxedo and will give your style a nice sense of class.

Never fasten the bottom button on your tuxedo jacket. The bottom button is meant to be left open, especially when you are wearing a three piece suit with a vest just beneath your jacket. Speaking of fastening, don't unfasten your double breasted jacket or tuxedo jacket. Keep it fastened until you sit down, in which you should unfasten it. Double breasted jackets in general look better fastened and are meant to stay that way if you are going to keep your jacket on.

Generally, if you are a bit smaller in stature or you have very narrow shoulders, you might find it harder to pull off the double breasted suit. The last thing you want is to feel swallowed by your apparel. While it might be a bit more of a financial and time investment to find and tailor the perfect double breasted suit or tuxedo to fit your needs, you will most definitely find that everything you put into finding your site will be worth it.

Whether you are looking for something to wear often to the office or need a tuxedo for a more formal occasion, the double breasted suit jacket is the right choice for any man hoping to make a stylish and bold entrance.

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