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Exotic Mens Alligator Dress Shoes
Mensusa Exotic Mens Alligator Dress Shoes One established way to make a convincing and worthwhile fashion move is this undying staple of mens alligator dress shoes. This article will guide you to pick genuine mens Alligator Dress Shoes.

mens alligator dress shoes

No better designer than nature

To make a fashion statement, be it bold or subtle, you can dive into a plethora of choices. Each as unique as your very being, fashion can be as timeless as classical beauties to hip and modern as more recent times. One established way to make a convincing and worthwhile fashion move is this undying staple of mens alligator dress shoes. Poignant, edgy, confident, suave, sexy- these are but a handful of the unmistakable vibes you give off when you do a trust with alligator shoes.

Timeless and spellbinding

Rarer than most other exotic leather shoes, alligator dress shoes have made a mark on the fashion spectrum that cannot be beaten by any other reptile fashion products. With their unique pattern and rarity, alligator dress shoes make for a coveted collector's item, if not for dressing up.

How to pick out genuine mens alligator dress shoes

Alligator dress shoes are easily duplicated and sold for higher prices that their counterfeit's actual worth. This results in many mistaken purchases and losing your money's worth.

Keep an eye out for the unique diamond-shaped scar on the finished leather which is made up of triangular shaped scales. Similar exotic leather products include caiman leather and crocodile leather, and while they are closely similar in appearance, alligator leather has the distinct feature explained above.

Where to buy mens alligator dress shoes

There are many reputed brands that sell alligator dress shoes, and there are numerous online stores too. Be sure to do a little cross-checking and comparison before deciding on your final purchase. Alligator dress shoes don't come cheap due to their rarity but getting an actual genuine pair is worth the work you put in. After care.

The soft leather needs delicate care, and proper maintenance can make them last up to many years. Clean off dust and grime with a soft clean cloth, and also invest in a good leather lotion or polish. It is advisable to use a leather lotion that has been specifically made for reptile skin. When not in use, store your prized alligator shoes in a dry, roomy breathable bag or box and keep them away from damp and humid parts of the house.

Watch out for embossed leather

Many sellers also have embossed leather on their merchandise, and it can be easily mistaken for the genuine thing. However, these imitation leather products can be caught with a little observation- they will have a regular repetitive pattern unlike the slightly uneven look of a genuine alligator skin product. With a little practice you can train your eyes to pick out the fake ones from the authentic products.

While alligator shoes are hard to come by sometimes, depending on stock and the region you happen to reside in, it justifies the effort you put in to obtain a pair of these much envied fashion assets. Slip into your gators and strut down your street as the style guru you truly are!

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