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Exotic skin Belts

Belts are imperative accessories that have been documented for both male and female clothing since the Bronze Age. They are fashionably functional and can refine your style with a simple accent. Over the times of yore, say just about several hundred-years, there have been many trends in men's belts. To fluctuating scales, belts have been included into men's apparel in ways where it served for both style and functional purpose. The history of men's exotic leather belt being rich and diverse, irrespective of the different types of clothing, belts remained as an item of clothing from pre-colonization times. Even though popular with men for centuries, it was during the period of Julius Caesar, belts were considered to be fairly ineffectual.

Today belts are not just worn to keep one's trousers in ideal position, but also to exude style statement. Though, it was discovered with an intention to purely serve for the purpose of that, later it became as an imperative accessory to project fashion.

Every man's wardrobe needs at least a couple of exotic skin belts, exotic shoes and exotic tuxedos that will add to the overall looks of a man.

Having said all that, finding the right belt for the right attire is always a daunting task! Sometimes making small and simple things work well is quite challenging like getting your belt right. Despite that, they are not the focus of your wardrobe, it adds to your overall look. They have the capacity to make a huge difference and at the same time, a bad choice may perhaps mess up your outfit. With less attention, an ideal one would exude a picture-perfect look.

Perhaps one of the newest trends to make a splash in the fashion world is to go with exotic skin belts, because they are in trend! Following are some of them explained.

Mens crocodile belt is one of the nature's most beautiful leather. With their intrinsic value as aforesaid, they are demanded by all of today's top fashion brands. Though the styles of leading brands may vary to a great extent, a product made of genuine crocodile is always in style and are of high value. This timeless luxury is a real add on. They are a long-established style of belt used by highly sophisticated people and it is a very common accessory among the fashion aficionados. Not only they are popular among the fashion fervent, but also recognized internationally as a highly durable leather.

Caring for your croc merchandise is very easy when you are sure about buying the original piece. Integumentary Sensory Organ Pores of the crocodile is what helps you to find out the original leather.

Exotic skin Belts

How to find out original croc skin merchandise?

To make out the original skin of crocodile leather is very easy; its integumentary sensory organ pore is the identifying feature. In general, crocodiles have a sensory hair on each scale that is used to sense their surroundings. Although its hair will be gone after the tanning process, the pores in each scale remains. When you check up closely, these pores will reveal the fact to you.

Each exotic hide is unique in grain and beauty and so are ostrich belts. Having recognizable pattern and textures, they are more than just looks. They are soft and stylish, to cut it short, they are an epitome of luxury. Not only alligator skin merchandises are highly sought, but even the ostrich leather are sought after for its exquisite speckled pattern and its familiar look is an instant fashion statement

Despite that, ostrich leather is very soft; surprisingly they are one of the toughest skins as well. The one-off of the skin lends it an aura of prestige. Apart from its good looks, they were also prized for their strength and resistance to the weather in the ancient times. Coming to the distinguishing quality of ostrich leather, its quill pattern takes it up; also they are the revealing indicators of where the feathers were- a sign of value. As far as buying ostrich leather merchandises is concerned, it is vital to concentrate on the density of the pattern because it is this factor that determines the quality of the leather.

In its natural state, ostrich leather is a beige or calf color and is spotted with a pattern that is very distinctive. The stippled quill marks appear in each hollow where a feather sprouted from the bird's skin.

Your full quill ostrich belt when paired with a matching pair of ostrich shoes or boots can simply elevate the style quotient and they can help pull off a clear-cut western look.

Alligator skin belts are one of the most sought-after products after alligator shoes. In view of the fact that, it is the small details that captures our heart, people who really follow this adage will go with gator belts. They exude a style statement that is conscious of the classic good looks and sturdiness of belts fashioned from alligator leather.

In general, alligator hides are viewed as one of the most luxurious leathers. With balanced scale and patterns, together with a softer hide, they are highly luxurious and classy. Every outstandingly textured belt of this type provides a striking opus and stands out for lofty reputation.

Generally alligator leather is viewed as the most luxurious leather with balanced scale patterns and a softer hide. This most sought-after material is known for luxurious look and provides you with a sophisticated yet commanding look. It is as stylish as it is distinct.

There are two different factors that make alligator leather superior and classic and it is its pliability and durability.

On the whole, alligator skin belt when bought from a reputed retailer you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Offering a wide range of exotic belt varieties, Mensusa alligator belts are made from top grade material and are handcrafted in such a way to ensure that you receive a high quality belt. Our exotic skin leather products are not limited to alligator, ostrich, crocodile and stingray.

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