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Things to Know about a Gray Suit

Gray SuitA great suit is always like armor. As soon as you wear it, you are just unstoppable. To be precise, the best part of men's clothing is nothing but its charcoal gray color. For the business dress code, the dark matte gray suit is considered the perfect choice. The shade is so very appropriate that it is simple to match and suitable to almost all complexions. This is in fact one of the best and hardest shades that stands out uniquely.

If you want to maintain a formal business look then nothing can be better than charcoal gray suit. Other than gray, you can even try navy blue as it is the only competitor offering the same advantage to the wearer. The charcoal color is such that you can wear at any social and business occasions. An un-patterned and plain gray shade suit can be an ideal alternative to any formal suit keeping black tie optional. As patterning lessens the formal look of a color, you can mix it with the gray shade to get a perfect casual look. Try a modest pin striping that would give your gray suit a formal look, suitable for any kind of business occasions.

Study says that most men's suits are available in dark shades. As darker colored suits have formal look and are easy to match ties and shirts of different colors, men mostly prefers wearing them. There are businesses, where people require wearing ties and suits especially the darker suits on a daily basis. In that case, charcoal gray suit can be an ideal choice. Such kind of dress code will certainly offer a very formal look. Light gray suits can be an appropriate choice for those who want to come out from the mundane dark colors. As light gray is considered as one of the most versatile shades, it is a must have in every gentleman's wardrobe.

Gray SuitThe line between the "medium gray" and "light gray" might be a bit difficult to draw. However, if you bring any shade of white pinstripe, you will find the difference automatically. If you take the gray suits into account, you will notice that they are a very casual wear. You will never find this in any conservative offices, where there are strict business dress codes. A man can easily wear such suits, where there is no requirement of ties and suits specifically, but there should be an understanding about the formal limitations. Generally, a light gray suit will look best if worn during dine out or just a day off around the town. Such suits are hardly ever patterned. As patterning lessens the formal look of the suit, you will rarely find light gray suits sporting a patterning look. Such suits are best for warmer climates mainly because of the light color and lightweight cotton and wools.

You might even look for heavier set of clothes in light gray, but they are hardly found. Though there are more casual versions in the market for men, you can try them out to sport a unique look.

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