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Why People prefer Mens Suit Separates?

Suit SeparatesAre you in need of modifications that would go beyond the traditional pant lengths and coat sleeves? Then the best option would be the mens suit separates. No matter what, those men opting for this would really enjoy a good combination of formal clothing. The group of men you decide on this option will save both money and time in making a good blend. A suit separate is all about custom matching, where a jacket and pants are separately chosen.

While choosing men suit separates, it would be a wiser option to get excellent fabric materials and make sure the clothes you are choosing are wrinkle-resistant and comfortable to wear. Whatever styling you want to experiment with the separates should be elegant and smart. To make a perfect fit as per your body type, look for a professional tailor who will alter the size and measurements complementing your look.

You must be aware of the traditional way of purchasing men's business suits. It is nothing, but to choose a suit that has a jacket, vest and slacks. As there is no hem in the pants, tailors need to make the borders of the pants and also other alterations when required. Whereas in mens suit separates, the slacks and jackets are available separately. Rather you can buy them individually as per your need and requirement. In this kind of wears, both the pants and jackets are being sized separately and the pants are bordered to normal lengths.

Suit SeparatesFor example when a traditional suit is 'sold off the rack' having coat size of 42, the waist size of pants would have size 36 and they are never hemmed. If you put in some additional charges, the tailors would make the adjustment and the pants would be bordered as per requirement. Whereas with mens suit separates, the coat size of 42 can be teamed with trousers of any sized waist and even the pre-set length size. Here you do not need any kind of tailoring.

Before purchasing such item, make sure you are aware of the benefits and detriments of suit separates. To know them in details please read the following:


  • A suit separate is easy and ready to be dressed in. As this kind of suit comes tailored in a specific size and the slacks are being pre-hemmed, there is no confusion at all.
  • In contrast to other different suits, the jacket size of the separates is usually different from the pants' waist size. This helps in easy modification and altering if required.
  • As the pants of the separates receives maximum rate of wear and tear, wearer gets the chance to purchase multiple pair of trousers.
  • You need not have to give extra cost for any kind of additional tailoring made to such suits.


  • Its style and color selection is quite limited when compared to the traditional suits.
  • As men's suit separates has fewer choices, you will hardly find the remarkable or may be the most common sizes. This happens mostly during the time of sale.

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