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Know about Sport Coats/Blazers/Sports Jackets

SportcoatSport coat for Men are essential items to provide your wardrobe a sense of completion. It is wise to buy men's sport coats in a few different colors that matches with the shades you wear most often. It may also be necessary to add a couple of formal blazers - preferably a navy blue or black blazer.

Because you cannot always be seen wearing a suit, a sport coat is the smart casual alternate you should have in your wardrobe. Professional for whom attire matters most should have at least two well-tailored sport coats readily available at all times.

Both a blazer and a sport coat are casual jackets that are worn on their own rather than as a part of a suit or as supplement to any other dress. Wearing a sports coat does not need any specific occasion to wear or a need to match your attire. If you wear a sport coat or a formal blazer frequently, then take care to select them with features that look appealing - like attractive positioning of pockets, impeccable shoulder tailoring and trendy button details.

The difference between a sports coat and formal blazer is often misunderstood. Blazers are tailored more resembling a suit jacket, and often with prominent metal buttons. There are some notable differences like a sport jacket is textured and oftentimes patterned, whereas a blazer is a solid color (usually navy or black) and mostly seen with naval-style brass buttons.

SportcoatBlazers have their history in nautical roots and the details of a blazer pronouncedly reflect it. A blazer has brass buttons, decorative crests on the chest, and the color of the fabric is of either navy blue or something bright that would make a sailor easy to find if he were to fall overboard.

Sport coats, on the other hand, have their history rooted in hunting. The traditional muted tones of tweeds and wools have a woodsy, fox-hunter look, and the traditional leather patches on the shoulders were designed to protect the jacket from shotgun kickback.Today, however, the design and colors of blazers and sport coats are no longer reflective of their history.

And you have the suit jackets. Likewise, the principal difference between a sport coat and a suit jacket is also subtle. A suit jacket has a matching pair of pants and for a sport coat there is no such need. Besides, the sport coat is often made with more casual fabrics than a suit jacket, and sometimes a sport coat has a casual fit.

Traditionally, a blazer usually means anything with patch-pockets that comes in monochromatic colors - navy, black or grey- with metal buttons. In contrast, a suit jacket has always to match the color and fabric of trousers and has some style restrictions. Sport coat has pockets with flaps, an additional ticket pocket and is of softer construction than a suit jacket.

Although sports coat and blazer can be used interchangeably, the prime difference between the two is their fabrication and styling. A sport coat is traditionally made with fabric like tweed or houndstooth with three buttons, flap pockets and sometimes an extra ticket pocket on one side.

Mens blazers, however, made of a stronger and smoother fabric than a sport jacket. It is generally single-breasted and occasionally double-breasted. Blazers feature patch pockets instead of flaps, and in single-breasted blazers, it comes with two metallic buttons for closure. Finding the right blazer has more to do with fit rather than design or style. The formal blazer should hug the body to enhance the wearer's appearance.

SportcoatBlazers presumably got their name because they were noticeably blazed with radiant colors and bolder patterns than the sophisticated sport jacket. Blazers came in a variety of bright colors, like powder blue and purple and some gaudy shades.

Navy blazer's popularity has withstood the onslaughts of the ever changing fashion trends. Besides, every major men's garment retail outlets pride in showcasing a variety of navy blazers. You will seldom find a person not sporting a navy blazer for some function or the other. Indeed the word 'blazer' for long referred to only a navy-colored jacket and with brass buttons.

One of the striking advantages of a men's sport coat or blazer is versatility. You can wear them over a pair of khakis for an unassuming business casual look, or with a dress shirt, or wool trousers for a more commanding business dress appearance.

Because a sport coat is lot more informal than a suit, sport coat for men are available in an array of colors and styles and designs. Men's sport coats are made with wool, cotton, silk and linen. All of these fabrics also give you a wide choice. You can thus experiment with different colors and designs and fabrics to mix-and-match your sport coat with both jeans and trousers.

Male garment experts would however advise you to avoid buying sport coats or sports jackets made with polyester - though they may appear appealing and economically priced.

The length of your sport jacket or blazer is a crucial factor that should need your special attention. If you are over six feet tall, opt for a lengthier one to cover your torso. If you are of a medium height, you should seek a shorter length to adjust to your height.

Velvet JacketA sports coat must hug your shoulders and follow the lines of your body all the way down to your waist. A good sports jacket should make you stand up straight and hold yourself imposingly.

If you want your sport coat to be suitable for different events, then stick to a neutral color preferably with a subtle stripe or check. But, if you have a particular event or occasion in mind then you should scout for something more creative. Always try to contrast the sports jacket rather than wearing something in the same color of the trousers.

Both sports coat for men and blazer have to be dry-cleaned unless you have spilled something on your sport coat or blazer and created some stains. Quite often, just brushing a sports coat or blazer before you hang it back should suffice. Make sure you have sturdy hangers for your blazers and sport coats - preferably wooden ones with a wide shoulder bar. Avoid wire hangers as they will not support the shoulders well enough and tend them to droop.

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