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Black Fashion Tuxedo Suit - Best Innovative Dress for Men

The wide spectrum of styles and designs of men's wear is overwhelming and appealing. Men's tuxedo suits go far beyond typical bow tie, cummerbund and black jacket.

The traditional tuxedo is a wool suit of black color and it's a single-breasted one, with shawl or peaked collars. Mostly, satin is the material of which lapels are made and it has satin-covered buttons. Following this pattern, the outward side seams of the matching pants may also display a single inch wide satin strip. The bow tie should be black in color. English dinner jackets have one button while American jackets sport two or three buttons. Black tie will match the traditional tuxedo. A black tuxedo can be worn for evening or night parties and not during day. Tails are totally formal. It is appropriate for dinner with Royal family. The long tailcoat trend is slowly vanishing. For a white tie party, a black tailcoat with silk lapels is the matching dress.

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The morning jacket is formal. It is designed for daytime. To attend an afternoon wedding, long jacket with a wide, forked tail is the fitting dress. If you wear a morning jacket for wedding, you should wear traditional dinner jacket before evening. Cummerbund can be avoided. Today, traditional tuxedo is associated with vests and waistcoats as a part of contemporary styles in order to provide a dash of color. A waistcoat is associated only with single-breasted jackets. Ultra-modern or contemporary tuxedo has to be worn matching the different events and functions. For any ultra-formal function, you can avoid Mandarin collars and other modern designs. If you visit any famous garment shop, you can see many accessories such as hats, gloves, canes, etc. You best ignore them as they don't match with the formality of the functions. Just go in for a colorful hanky or a short scarf. Many persons are unable to choose the right color of the shirt. You have to be thorough with the occasion to select the exact color. For example, black is a socially approved color for attending a funeral. Bright colors are unacceptable. One's skin complexion plays a major part in selecting the color of the shirt. Personal qualities are also considered by experts in color selection. For example, power and authority are displayed by a blue pinstripe suit. A more relaxed and easy-going temperament is exhibited by white color suits.

TuxedosTuxedos Tuxedos

Changing seasons are associated with dress colors. Light-colored tuxedos are preferred for traditional seasons, which fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day. After Labor Day, white color is avoided. Some people prefer tan color tuxedos during these months. You have to become an expert in choosing the colors for different seasons. During fall, people prefer olive color. Some persons go in for burgundy. During the fall, some wear navy blue. During winter also, navy blue is considered an appropriate color. Black or charcoal color tuxedo suitsmatch with any period and all seasons. Sober colors and light shades are fitting colors for those who want to maintain low profile in crowds. Grey, black, navy blue, brown - these colors are also suitable for remaining unnoticed in gatherings. Some colors match the colors of one's skin hair, eyebrows and eye hues. One's physical personality also matters a lot in choosing the colors. If the colors blend with the body neutrals, they can become ideal choices. If these colors don't match your skin complexion, combine them so as to maintain your overall supremacy. Tuxedo suits with the color of the eyes will be appealing and you will become a cynosure in all social occasions. The color of hair can be a good selection for tuxedo suit. Metal colors have withstood he ever-changing styles and fashions. Metal colors - some bright and some subdued - are normally worn in combination with other colors.



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