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Enhance Your Charm in Blazers

BlazersBlazer is a casual jacket. Most people mistake it for a sport coat but it may somehow resemble it. The blazer is made with flapless pockets and metal buttons. It's mostly worn as a uniform by those people working in airlines, school and yachting clubs. It's on the formal side and is usually tailored in solid color fabrics. Though it sides with the traditional formal jackets, it is of modern age. This type of clothing is worn on its own and is never a part of an over-all attire to complete it. It's made of a smoother and sturdier fabric; commonly seen as single-breasted but may also come in double breasted version and comes with a two-button closure.

If you're wondering why the metallic buttons are usually emphasized, it is because of the fact that the first blazers were born in naval places. Some say this reflects the boating club association. Until now, the term blazer is still under debate as to who named it and where it was named after.
Traditional blazers consist of:

  • Crests on the chest
  • Solid fabric color like Navy Blue
  • Brass buttons
So no man is excused when he bought a sport coat thinking that it was a blazer.

If you aren't familiar yet with blazers, and you are thinking of having one or more in your wardrobe, then you have to take note of the following considerations:

  • Details
  • Sizes
  • Fabrics
  • Buttons:
    Since we already know that blazers have metal buttons, you have to consider if you want your blazer to come with one, two or three buttons. These days, double and triple buttoned blazers are mostly seen. And the single-buttoned blazer is as far as pictures and fashion critiques see it deteriorating from plain sight. If you'd ever have the chance to see a person sporting a triple-buttoned blazer, it means he's a forward fashion persona.
    As for the buttons' colors, it could just blend or match with whatever the blazer's color is. But if you want to wear more casually and you feel like playing a little bit with the style, then you'd better try wearing blazers with buttons of subtle colors.
  • Breasts:
    If double and triple buttoned blazers are in these days, then single-breasted blazers are preferred by most men, especially the young generation. Double-breasted blazers exude a very traditional nautical feeling to it. Blazers are for casual wears so you'd better keep it down.
  • Vests:
    The purpose of vents is to give its wearer the freedom to move; it gives allows flexibility for movement. A blazer may have a one center vent, two side vents or nothing at all. Most men prefer blazers without vents to avoid the occurrence of a wrinkled look. Take note that a vent also completes the over-all aesthetics of your attire, and the most important thing about it, is that men feels comfortable with it. So it would still be up to you if you want a blazer with a vent or none.
  • Sizes:
    Your height is a determining factor in finding the perfect blazer for you. You may want it short, long or regular. It's a definite no-no to guess your size. It is also important to measure the length of your usual shirt sleeves and your chest size. If you want to look good, you may want to know your size. Here's simple guide for you:
    Short: 5'5" to 5'7"
    Regular: 5'8" to 5'10"
    Long: 5'11" to 6'2"

BlazersIf you're height is from 6'3'' and up, you may want to find your blazer in the super long sizes. The first part for this is the BLAZER SIZE: "CHEST MEASUREMENT or OVER-ARM MEASUREMENT minus 7 inches." If both the numbers are of the same size, then your chest measurement is your sport coat size (blazer size), as what tailors would call it. On the other hand, if your over-arm measurement is greater than the chest measurement, then: "Over-Arm Measurement - 7 = your size."

The second part is the a WORD/LETTER like S, R and L denoting if your blazer would be short, regular or large. It's what you would call your Over-All Height. Don't forget to check your proportions. The blazer you'd be choosing must cover your rear end, and no farther than that. If the blazer you bought couldn't still fit you, like if you're 5'9 and you have a long torso, you may just bring it to a tailor and have it fitted for your torso. If the shoulder length of the blazer fits you perfectly, then repairing the sleeves and the over-all over-length will just be a piece of cake.
Fabrics and Colors:

  • Corduroy:
    Even if you're not a fan of sport coats or blazers, the corduroy will always be a friend available for you. It is better worn in black, giving you a versatile look. It's comfortable yet elegant.
  • Linen:
    This is worn during time for hot weather.
  • Velvet:
    Perfectly worn with corduroy pants during holiday parties; Gives the wearer an elegant and fashionably-involved aura.
  • Grey:
    You'd look pretty well-dressed with this color. If you're opting to buy a blazer for work, then a grey wool blazer is a good choice.
  • Camel:
    This is a classic and works well in cool weathers. It's not your usual solid dark fabric, but its light brown color which is good with navy pants, if ever you have one. You may use it over a button-down shirt or a light colored polo shirt.
  • Navy:
    This is the traditional type of fabric for a blazer. It's born for it, and it goes well with:
    • Grey
    • Brown
    • Tan
    • Olive colors
    This color usually goes with anything. If you want to sport a navy blazer with metallic/brass buttons, wear on a gold watch or a belt buckle to compliment it.

A blazer goes great with smart wool trousers; a new pair of loafers, sporty shoes, and a pair of classy oxfords. You may wear any man's shoes, just don't ever entertain the thought of wearing worn-out sneakers. It won't blend in. Wear an open-necked polo shirt with colors ranging from classic white cotton to grey flannel or beige chinos.

Don't be afraid to experiment with blazers, they're fun but don't go overboard as to over-accessorizing your entire attire. Just keep it simple. It's important that you feel comfortable wearing it.

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