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Pea Coat

A pea coat is heavy jacket worn by navy sailors to safeguard themselves from the harsh weather conditions that they faced during sea travel. Just like any modern derivations of olden day clothing, a modern pea coat resembles the look of this military uniform but is not as heavy as its original counterpart. There are few ways by which a pea coat should be worn if you like to fashion a look of primness in your casual wear. A pea coat is not proper of it is of not your size if it looks loose and has extra space around the waist and under the sleeves. If you plan to buy a pea coat, then you will have to make sure that the coat fits like a glove on your body and any sagging looking will do no good to your style. Apart from the size and fitting, you will also have to not the length of the pea coat; remember that a perfect pea coat has to stop with your groin and not near your thighs. A navy pea coat has to look neat and proper so a long coat will make you look as if you have made a bad size choice. Next place that needs special concentration is the buttons, we know that large button on these coats are the major attraction and it adds beauty to these double breasted coats. We will have to stay informed about what it too much when it comes to the distribution and number of buttons. Too many big buttons will surely not look good. Remember that a pea coat is an over coat and do not wear anything on top of it other than your accessories. Of course it is obsessive sometimes when you wear unnecessary accessories on top of these coats so it is wise to quit this idea and make it look neat and clean.

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