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Peak lapel Suits & Tuxedos

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Lately the fashion trends, of men's tuxedos and Suits have reached a new PEAK. First some history on how the lapel came about. Like many lasting fashion innovations, the lapel originated in the practical turning down of the collar and front part of a jacket during the warmer months of the year. Before 1780, everyone wore their coats and jackets buttoned up all the way to the neck, much like the traditional cadet jacket style. Then shortly after became the construction of the different styles of lapels and widths that would be worn. The peak lapel is more pronounced. This lapel almost gives the rugged but very stylish look that can be both casual and fancy. This style of lapel shows your sense of fashion and playfulness. At MensUSA we are introducing a much larger variety of peak lapel suits and tuxes for all customers. After years of slim, subtle notch lapels on men's suits and tuxes around the world, including both high-end fashion labels such as, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren, they have now transitioned to the peak lapel. The approach is to nudge men in to a more pronounced lapel, something a little bolder and fancier. It was once believed that the peak lapel only had very wide lapel options and that is no longer the case. Such lapels are a far cry from the slimmer notch lapels that we have seen in the more recent years. This means most men won't find these new modern slim peak lapels in their current wardrobe or attire.

MensUSA is introducing men with an ever-growing range of peak lapel options on both single-breasted and double-breasted tuxedo as well as suit jackets. We offer everything from a wide peak lapel to the most narrow peak lapels on the market. MensUSA also prides themselves with a wide variety of sizes to fit any body style along with offering suit and tuxedo separates for the more athletic build. Knowing that it takes a lot to compel a man to purchase a new suit, since researchers say that the average man will purchase a new suit only once every two and half to three years, that is an eternity in the fashion and retail world. So unless a man has a special occasion, life style change or drastically changed sizes, it is not likely to see many men stay current with the most trending of suit styles. Luckily, we have created an affordable price that will allow men to remain more current and add a wider variety of suits to their collection. This will give any man the ability to stay more on top of the current suit and tux trends happening. After all you don't want to be the boring man that wears the same black tux to the company holiday party every year. Do you? Peak lapels are more dramatic and noticeable. The shorter gentlemen often prefer peaked lapels as they add an impression of height. The peak lapel also works well for men with a wider physique, allowing the look of the peak to slim the overall appearance.

Peak lapels are known to have been a huge trend in the 1920's and then was revived again in the 70's when lapels became wider again, after the notch skinny lapel had its shine during the 1950's and 60's. Well now here we are again re introducing the peak lapel as a staple fashion forward item to have. Whether attending a black tie event or wanting to change up your everyday suiting look at the office, a peak lapel will make a great addition to every man's wardrobe. While the peak lapel usually has meant you were being fancier in your outfitting approach, we at MensUSA have made it more versatile and great for casual wear, as well. Offering both wool blend sport coats that can be paired with nice slacks or even a pair of jeans and cotton/linen blends that will allow you to wear these peaks while on vacation or at a summer party. Meaning whether a beach wedding or a black tie event, you can rock the peak lapel for all of this year's occasions.

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