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Seer Sucker Suit

There are several styles of wearing a seer sucker suit and it is important to follow asset of rules while dressing up in these kinds of suits and jackets. But knowing about the fabric in detail will let you select it according to your needs. Just like how you know about a cashmere wool, a seer sucker fabric needs to be known if you have to use if effectively.

This full cotton fabric group is a fashion favorite for summer and sultry weather that demands a lot of softness on your skin and give enough space for the air to pass through unlike woolen fabrics that is good at insulation. This fabric is created by a manufacturing method called slack tension that gives it's bunched up or crushed look but has a smooth feel over all. This above process is responsible for making a few bunches of threads to get bunched up together and forms a wavy look.

When closely observed you can find a regular recurring wave like pattern on the surface that is responsible for the special look and feel of these summer stuff. A seer sucker suit is the one that give a bit of freedom from pressing. The natural bumpy finish in the mens suit makes it unnecessary for the wearer to press it. You can just wear them as it is and it will still look picture perfect. We don't call them wrinkle free but, they are capable enough to hide any flaws created by wrinkles during your regular use.

Apart from this fact you can find that these fabrics allow a lot of airflow between the skin and the fabric because of their natural wavy patterned surface. These fabrics can be easily identified because of their distinctive pattern that is mostly of stripes or checks.

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