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Q: How do I know my suits size?

Q: What is the status of my order?

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Q: How do I send a payment via Western Union?

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card/ debit card on your site?>

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Q: Do you ship to PO boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses?

Q: When placing an order I get an error message stating that there has been an authorization failure. What went wrong?

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Q: Do you do back orders?

Q: Do you have a catalog?

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Q: What are your hours?

Q: Can I Buy Wholesale?

Q: I wear a 44R jacket, and 34" waist pants. I looked at your store, and noticed all your 44R jackets come with 38" pants waist. Can I have 44R jacket with 34" waist pants?


Q: Can I return the suit I purchased if I am not satisfied with it and how to do it?

Q: Can I exchange for a different size or item if it doesn't fit or if I do not like it?

Q. WHAT IS YOUR 100% Money Back Guarantee:

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