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Mens Black And White Dress Shirt For Sale

French-Cuff-Black-Dress-Shirt Black and white is the two most important colors in any man's wardrobe. But when it comes to dress shirts most men tend to go with plain white shirts. This is because of the fact that the white shirts are the most versatile ones and are the best when it comes to formal wear. But when it comes to semi formal and casual wear you can try out the two tone shirts like black and white shirts for a change. In this article we are going to discuss about black and white shirts and some styling tips for the garment.

The advantage with the black and white dress shirts is that you can style it with both formal and casual styles. The key to this perfect styling depends on the selection of the garment. For example if you want a formal style then go with black and white shirt that has very little traces of black in it. When paired with a garment like jacket or a sportcoat they will look formal and you can style the same black and white dress shirt as a casual style. If you are thinking about styling them as a casual garment you can go with white and black shirt with more black in it. Summer is a hard season to get by and avoid dark colors during the period. Go with black and white shirts with more white in it than black since the dark colors tend to absorb the heat and retain it making you uncomfortable. Lighter colors on the contrary reflect the heat and thus it is better to keep this in mind while selecting the proportion of colors in your mens dress shirts.

Thus the selection of colors on the garment considering the purpose of it is the first step in rightly styling the black and white shirt.

mens black Mens-Black-Checks-Shirt mens black and white shirt mens black Mens-Black-Long-Sleeve-Shirt-26683 mens black with white shirt

The next thing that you will have to consider is the material from which the black and white shirt is made of. If you are thinking of getting the shirt for formal use go with cotton black and white shirt. Cotton garments are breathable and can keep you cool even when worn underneath the formal garments like suit jackets and blazers. For a casual style go with linen black and white shirts. Linen is the fabric that is most preferred during summer and since it is lightweight and breathable. The moisture absorption characteristic of linen is superior to cotton since the former can absorb moisture and then evaporate it fast while the cotton retains it for a longer time. Thus mens white linen shirts are the ones that are most preferred for summer events like beach parties and travelling. The reason why it is not recommended for formal use is that they can wrinkle easily and you will have to go with blends to reduce the wrinkling. Cotton scores more on this aspect and thus is preferred more for formal use. As for dressy events like dinner parties and such you can go with fancy black and white dress shirts. The most recommended options are silk black and white dress shirts and shiny satin black and white dress shirts. The sheen of the fabric will make you look rich and sophisticated.

white dress Shirt with tie Most of the black and white shirts comes with patterns. For formal use go with subtle ones like striped black and white shirts. The lighter and darker shades complement each other well and give a balanced look. Other than this you can also go with casual styles like polka dot black and white shirts and floral black and white shirts. These are better suited for casual use say with jeans and chinos. While styling the patterned black and white shirts you should be careful to style them without clashing with the patterns on the other garments that you pair them with. Too much patterns on one ensemble will make the outfit look sloppy.

The fit of the black and white shirts matter a great deal and thus you will have to select them carefully. Slim fit black and white shirts are best for formal use since they properly accentuate the body shape of the wearer and thus can be best to be worn underneath the jacket or blazers. Classic fit black and white shirts come with a little more room than the slim fit ones and are the ones that is recommended for office use. If you are wearing the garment for a whole day you will need some space to move around and thus it will be a better choice to go with classic fit black and white shirts. People who are on the bigger side must try out the big and tall black and white shirts. Special ones like long sleeve black and white shirts and extra long black and white shirts are available for tall men who find the regular fits uncomfortable.

French-Cuffed-Design-Dress-Shirt As for styling the black and white dress shirts here are some tips that might help you. For a formal look you can pair a wool suit with a long sleeve black and white shirt and a pair of black leather Oxfords. You can add a solid black tie to the mix to make it look elegant. You can also pair the plaid black and white dress shirt with black suits to create a smart casual outfit. If you are pairing the black and white shirt with a tuxedo then it is best to go with French cuff black and white shirts that come with hidden buttons. You can add cufflinks to make it look more formal. As for casual styling of the black and white shirts you can pair the polka dot black and white shirts with your favourite pair of jeans. If you are going with slim fit black and white shirts make sure that the pants are also slim cut and well fitted. You can also go with short sleeve black and white shirts when it comes to pairing with casual clothing.