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Riley Collar Dress Shirts

There are a lot of collar types in mens dress shirts and you can select the one that best suits you and your need. Some collars are formal while some are best for casual use. So knowing the details of the collars on your dress shirt improves your dressing sense. In this article we are going to discuss about Riley collar dress shirts and some styling tips for you if you want to try one.

The collars on the dress shirt frame the face and bring the attention towards you. Thus it is important that you select the right type of collar on your dress shirt. The collars may look like a small portion of the whole dress shirt but it is the part that gathers most attention. Riley collar shirts bestow a great presence and give you an elegant look that is hard to rival. The Riley collar is said to have first introduced by the Duke of Windsor who names it as Windsor collar. Later the Windsor collar was modified by Pat Riley and was then called as Riley collar. The Riley collar shirts have a collar that curves at the edges thus making the perfect place for the tie. Because of this design they are also widely known as curve point collars.

The Riley collar shirts have an expressive flair that is best for formal use. They give you a smart and classy appearance. Riley collar shirts are also easy to style and available in many options such as fabric and colors. You can choose the one depending upon the occasion you are styling it to. For example if it is a formal event it is mostly recommended to go with Riley white collar dress shirts. If for semi formal and casual events you can select other colors of Riley collar shirts and style it according to your choice.

We insist on the color of the Riley collar shirts since it is one of the things that the viewer first notes about the dress shirt you are wearing. Thus select the color of your dress shirt with care. Here are some styling tips that can help you in the process of assembling an outfit with Riley collar shirts.

Mens Red ShirtWhen you need a formal style the first choice that crosses our mind is the suits. When you need to step up your formal look you can opt to go with pairing the French cuff Riley collar shirts with a 3 piece suit. A white Riley collar shirt paired with a navy three piece suit and a navy tie is a great look for any formal event. You can complete the look by adding a pair of brown leather derby shoes to the mix. If you want a more bouncy style you can pair the cotton Riley collar shirt with a blue three piece suit and an orange polka dot tie. Complement the look with a pair of tobacco leather Chelsea boots.Riley collar Cotton dress shirts are most preferred for formal outfits since they are lightweight and can keep the person cool even when paired with layers. For a stylish look you can pair the Riley collar light blue dress shirt with a gray three piece suit and a navy tie. Adding a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes to the ensemble will ramp up your stylish look. When wearing the shirts with a vest the number of buttons on the vest also determines the look you are sporting. It is most recommended to go with 3 buttons on the vest so that it allows enough space for the shirt material to show. But when you go with more number of buttons on the vest it has a high neck and most of the time the collar is the only visible portion of the dress shirt. This draws still more attention to the shirt collar and thus it is important that you style it right.

When you need a smart casual look you can pair a light blue Riley collar shirt with a blue suit and an olive knit tie. This is a good look for almost any events. For a fashionable look you can pair the black Riley collar shirt with a light blue suit and rock the ensemble with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. The black shirt is considered to be a casual style and thus it is best to restrict this outfit for casual events like parties and dinners.

If you are bored with your usual white and light blue dress shirts you can give the light pink riley collar shirts a try for the formal look. A pink Riley collar shirt paired with a gray suit and brown leather loafers is a dapper and elegant look. If you want a still more formal look you can pair the light pink Riley collar shirt with a double breasted blue suit and black leather Oxford shoes.

Gray is a good color for formal use and can give you a subtle look compared with the bright white shirt. A gray Riley collar shirt paired with a black suit and brown leather derby shoes is a sign of well edited wardrobe. You can also go with a shaded look of pairing a light gray Riley collar shirt with a dark gray vest and black jeans.

Other than this you can pair the tan Riley collar dress shirt with a brown blazer and white dress pants for a classy look. A green Riley collar dress shirt paired with a white suit is a great look for a beach wedding. Other than the solid Riley collar dress shirts you can also try out the patterned ones like Riley collar striped dress shirts and windowpane Riley collar dress shirts for a formal look. For a casual look you can go with polka dot Riley collar dress shirts and plaid Riley collar dress shirts.