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Mens Blue Dress Shirt

Blue is one of the staple colors in mens wardrobe especially when it comes to formal clothes. There are a lot of variations in blue and the darker ones like midnight blue and navy are the ones that are considered to be best for suits. The lighter ones like sky blue and pale blue are best for dress shirts that you wear with formal clothes. In this article we are going to discuss about mens blue dress Mens shirts and some styling tips that will help you make it a versatile choice.

Mens-Cotton-Royal-Blue-Shirt As we mentioned before there are a lot of shades in blue and the key is to select the perfect one that suits your need. If you are looking for a shirt that you can pair with formal garments like suits and blazers you should go with light shades of blue. Most of us are so used with the white shirts that anything out of that, we start to panic. But light blue dress Mens shirts are a good choice when you need to wear them with formal garments. Other than this if you want a casual garment that you can wear with jeans and chinos you can try out the darker shades of mens blue dress Mens shirts. When you wear these shirts the main thing to note is to create a nice difference between the shades of the shirts and the other garments so that you don't look like wearing an overall. For example if you are going for a light blue dress shirt then pair it with navy chinos or any other colored chinos so that there is a clear distinction between the top and bottom.

Blue is a versatile color and thus adding one or two mens blue dress shirts to your collection might be a wise choice. Blue pairs really well with most colors and thus you can create a lot of new outfit ideas with mens blue dress shirts. You can wear them to both formal and casual events. You can pair them with suits, blazers and they also look equally good when paired with casual garments like jeans and chinos. While selecting a blue dress Mens shirt there are some things that you will have to keep in mind.

Firstly decide on the material of which the blue dress Mens shirt that you are purchasing should be made of. This is important because the fabric of shirt is the main thing that influences the comfort, look and the cost of the shirt. Therefore give it some thought and choose the one that best satisfies your needs. For example blue cotton dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred when it comes to formal look. You can wear them underneath the jackets of the suits and blazers. Since the cotton is a lightweight and breathable material it can keep you coo throughout the day despite the layers involved. Other than this you can go with blue linen dress shirts if it for casual use. Linen is the favourite of summer and has better moisture absorption than cotton. The only problem with using linen as formal garments is that they tend to wrinkle fast. If you want to reduce wrinkling you should try out the blended versions of linen with wool and cotton since the wrinkling reduces with the increase in other fabrics in the blend.

shiny-satin-dress-shirt Turquoise-Color-Shirt-with-Tie mens-blue-dress-shirt Mens-Cotton-Royal-Blue-Shirt

Linen and cotton are the best summer fabrics and are the ones that are most used for formal and semi formal events. But when you need a little more dressy style then go with silk blue dress Mens shirts and blue shiny satin dress shirts. These blue fancy dress shirts have a sheen about them and is best for special occasions where you would like to be the center of attention.

The length of the sleeves on the blue dress Mens shirts also influence the whole look. The best recommendation is for you to go with long sleeve blue dress Mens shirts. This is because of the fact that are the most versatile ones compared to the blue short sleeve dress shirts. It is a must for you to go with long sleeve blue dress Mens shirts when you are pairing with any kind of formal garment be it suits, tuxedos, blazers or sport coats. You can also use the long sleeve blue dress Mens shirts for casual use by wearing it with the sleeve rolled halfway. When it comes to short sleeve blue dress Mens shirts they are best reserved for casual use like for travelling and fun parties.

mens-paisley-dress-shirt Apart from the solid blue dress Mens shirts you can go with patterned blue dress shirts if you want a style that stands out. Striped blue dress shirts and windowpane blue dress Mens shirts are the ones that are most preferred for formal use. For a little more casual look you can try out polka dot blue dress Mens shirts and plaid blue dress shirts. The patterned blue dress Mens shirts mostly come in cotton and are best for semi formal and casual use. You can wear them as formal styles when you properly pair it with the garments. But if you want a dressy look choose fabrics like silk and satin. Patterned ones on luxury fabrics like blue floral dress shirts and blue paisley dress shirts are the ones that are best suited to be worn to special events like dinner parties and weddings. When wearing the patterned shirts make sure to keep the other garments like suits and pants plain so that the elegant look is maintained.

As for the fit of the blue dress Mens shirts you should go with the one that you feel most comfortable in blue Slim fit dress shirts are recommended when you need a formal style shirt that you can pair with suits and blazers. But when you need a casual style shirt that with short sleeves it is best to go with a roomier design like classic fit blue dress shirts and people who are not satisfied should try blue big and tall dress shirts.