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Mens Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are one of the garments that rarely gets noticed but is always there. Whether be it formals, smart casuals or sometimes even casuals the dress shirt plays an irreplaceable role and thus you should pay more attention to it while purchasing for the garment. Dress shirt are indeed a simple style on the surface and one might even think that there is nothing to note specially. But there are a lot of details that go into the construction of the dress mens shirts and thus numerous styles of the dress shirt are also available in the market. In this article we discuss the mens dress shirts, the types available and some of the important details that you will have to note while purchasing and styling it.

We would like to start with the definition of the dress shirt so that people get a clear idea of what all comes under this category. Any button up shirt that comes with long sleeves and a collar is considered to be a dress shirt. These shirts are meant to be worn with a tie and thus are cut in such a way. Dress shirt look in place when paired with a jacket and a tie unlike the sport shirts which are meant to be worn open. But the advantage with the men's dress shirt is that they look great with or without the tie. When it comes to details that you will have to note on the dress shirt there are a lot but we discuss some of the major things here. 

The first thing that you should note about the dress shirt while purchasing them is the fabric of the dress shirt. Most of the men get dress shirt to wear underneath the jacket or blazer and thus it is important that it should be comfortable to wear for the whole day. This is the reason why the cotton dress shirts are the ones that are most recommended for the men especially when it comes to formal use. Cotton is a lightweight fabric which is also breathable and thus you will not sweat through the whole day. Cotton dress shirt can work for almost all events and all seasons and thus are the ones recommended for people who are new to the dress shirt style. 

But when you need a more casual style that you are intending to wear to summer events and parties then you can try going with the linen dress shirts. Linen has the best moisture wicking characteristic but tend to wrinkle fast and thus mostly are used with other fabrics as blends. Now blends are the ones that are ruling the formal market. Most consider the 100% cotton dress shirt to be very expensive and thus opt to go with the cotton polyester dress shirt. It all depends on your need and how you are intending to use it. For example if you work in an air conditioned building then the cotton blend dress shirt would work perfectly but if you are more into physical work or travelling then it would be best for you to go with the 100% cotton dress shirts since they offer the best performance and also keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

The next thing to note is the fit of the dress shirt. The best mens dress shirt should fit you perfectly according to your body type without restricting any movement. You also should consider how you are going to style the dress shirt while deciding on the fit. For example if you are choosing the dress shirt to wear with suits and blazers then you can allow a little room and thus the classic fit dress shirts would be your best pick. But when you want a versatile style that you can wear with formal and semi formal styles then you should think of going with the modern fit dress shirt. But when it comes to dress shirt that you intend to wear with jeans and chinos then you should go with a fitted dress shirt like the slim fit dress shirt. If you consider these fits not suitable for you then you can go with plus size dress shirt or if your budget allows mens designer dress shirt.

As for the color of the dress shirt mens it also depends on the purpose for which you are getting the garment. For example if you are intending it for formal workwear use then stick with the classic and light colored ones. White dress shirt are the most versatile and would get you through almost any event regardless of their nature. But if you want a different look then you can choose to go with lighter colors like light blue dress shirt and pale pink dress shirt. These do not overpower the suits or blazers which you style them with and thus would be perfect replacement for the white dress shirt. 

But when you are looking for mens casual dress shirt that you can wear with the jeans and chinos then you can try going with the brighter and darker colors. If you are trying out these shades for the first time then stick with the deeper ones since they are easier to pull off than the brighter ones. For example it would be best for you to start with black dress shirt and navy dress shirts and when you are used to the look then progress on to the brighter ones like red dress shirt. 

If you are already bored with the solid dress shirt outfits and would like to shake things up a little then you can try out the patterned dress shirt styles. Striped dress shirt are the best for formal use but there are a lot more options when it comes to casual dress shirt.  You can go with the plaid dress shirts or printed dress shirt which would give you a stylish look. To know more about the styles available check out the mens dress shirt sale.