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Black Tuxedo With Black Shirt

A tuxedo is one of the foolproof choices when it comes to mens formal fashion. This formal wear have long been saving the gents from the "What to wear?" dilemma when it comes to some major events. Now this article focuses on some of the details you can note so that you can nail the tuxedo look.

For any event that involves a tuxedo one of the major things you will have to concentrate upon is the neckwear. One of major concerns of the gentlemen who attends these events is the choice between a bowtie and a long tie. As for it concerns with tuxedo it is always better to go with the bow tie if you want to get the most of it. Also if the event that you are attending is very formal then you will have to go with the bow tie. It is always better to go with the self tied version of bow ties since the clipped on ones look very fake. Tying a bow tie is not that hard and a video tutorial will do the magic.

Now if you are not very comfortable with wearing a bow tie and the event that you attend does not have it in their dress code then you can go with the long tie option. As long it is appropriate long tie works well with the tuxedo. Make sure that you select the right color and material of the long tie.

The next major thing in wearing a tuxedo is finding the right shirt that goes with it. The most obvious choice is to go with the white shirt. They create the contrast between both the colors and work for almost any events.

But if are already bored with the usual white and black outfit then you can spice things up with a black shirt. A black shirt with a black tux is a rare look and thus showcases your individuality. It has a strong aura to it which is hard to rival and gives the man wearing it a powerful look. It is also better to match the black shirt with the black tuxedo if you want to stand out in the sea of black and white combinations. Another option is to go with midnight blue shirt which also looks good with the black tuxedo. Black tuxedo with black shirts are allowed for formal events like award events and also looks good when you want your confidence at top notch. Some of the choices that you can rock this black tuxedo with black shirt on black tux look are date nights, night out events, evening parties and of course proms. Black tuxedo with black shirts with black tux is a good option for middle of the road look when in times you will want to look classy but at the same time some level of edgy too. Whatever the color may be make sure that the shirt that you wear is of the right fit so that it flatters your body shape.