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Mens Matching Shirt And Tie

Matching shirt and tie colors is one of the hectic jobs that most men panic about. While it may look like a walk in the park for most it is still hard for people who have started dressing up recently. But if you get to know the basics matching shirt and tie colors might be an easier job than you think it to be. Here are some ideas that will help you matching shirt and tie colors in a proper way.

If you are a person who sticks to a certain combination of shirt and tie and hope no one notices then you should try a little variation with it. You also cannot go and select a random tie for your shirt and hope it works out. It is always best to have a certain game plan that will help your process better. The first recommendation here for you is to go with solid on solid shirt and matching tie. This is the easiest style to pull off and the one that requires less time to select. First you can create a stark contrast while matching shirt and tie. For example you can pair the solid white shirt with a navy tie or black tie. This combination will create a contrast which in return will make your outfit pop out with more color. You can go with shades in matching shirt and tie combinations. For example if you are going with a light blue shirt then you should try out dark blue tie. This tonal blue shirt and matching tie combination can be a good look for formal settings like office meeting and such. In the same way you can try the gray and black shirt and matching tie combination and light pink and red shirt and matching tie combination for formal events.

For a little more casual look you can go with light green and olive green shirt and matching tie combination and light pink and burgundy matching shirt and tie combination. These dark color choices might be a good choice for summer formal look. This tonal matching shirt and tie combinations are recommended for formal settings since they don't pop up too much like the contrasting shirt and tie combinations and gives you a blended minimalistic look.

Mens-Polka-Dot-Sand-Dress-Shirts Mens-French-Cuff-Pink-Shirt

While selecting the solid on solid matching shirt and tie combination you can try it out in the trial and error method especially if you are new to wearing formal clothing. You can also use online tools like color explorer to find the colors that work well with the shirt color. It is best to avoid tie colors that are too close with the shirt color. Since it is a solid tie matching similar colors would make you look like you are not wearing a tie even when you are wearing one.

The next recommendation in matching shirt and tie colors is to go with solid on pattern. This look will require a little more thought and time when compared with the solid on solid look. Solid tie with patterned shirt is a good look for work and office related events. For pulling off this look you should make sure to select the color of tie from the same family of the color of the patterns on the shirt.

For example if you are going with a purple shirt with blue and red fine checks it is best to go with dark navy tie or dark red tie so as to create a coordinated look of matching shirt and tie. The purple matching shirt and tie combination might also work since the shirt is patterned. But go with different fabrics to create a variation. For example a brown shirt and matching tie combination might work when you pair the cotton brown shirt with a silk or satin brown tie. Otherwise you can go with tonal variations in the color. The main thing here is to create the distinction from the shirt and the tie without the viewer straining too much.

Mens-Turquoise-Shirt-Set The next matching shirt and tie combination that we recommend is the pattern on pattern combo. Many men shy away from matching patterns with patterns considering it to be a hard job. But when you get to know the basics it is a much easier style to pull off. Some of the recommendations for pattern on pattern combinations are given below. The first thing is to avoid using the same patterned garments. For example paisley pink shirt and matching tie combination might never work even if the colors are different. This goes for almost all patterns. When you are going with polka dot shirt do not match it with a dotted tie.

Go for different sizes whole matching shirt and tie so that a distinct variation is created between the two garments. It is best recommended for the tie to have bigger and bolder patterns when compared to the shirt. Creating a size variation would help when you want to go with same patterns on shirts and ties. For example if you are going with a pinstriped shirt then you should go with a chalk striped or thick striped tie. As for checks go with bigger ones on the tie while fine checks will do for the shirt. Matching the same size patterns on the shirt and tie will give you a overly busy look that you should avoid at all times.

While selecting the color of the tie determine the most dominant color in the patterned shirt. Going for the tie in this dominant color can create a more coordinated look when compared to found with a less pronounced color. For example if you are wearing a shirt with yellow and red checks observe it from a distance and look for the color that catches the eye most. If yellow catches the eye most, go with yellow or shades of yellow shirt and matching ties and if red catches the eye go with red matching shirt and tie option.