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Ivory Colored Mens Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are an important element of mens wardrobe and the color of it is the first thing that gets the attention of the viewer. Though there are a lot of colors some colored shirts dominate the mens fashion and the major one among them is the white shirt. But wearing a white shirt to all events is boring and thus we provide you with an alternative that can be every bit as formal as the white shirt. In this article we are discussing about ivory colored dress shirts and some styling tips on them.

The ivory colored dress shirt can be easily differentiated from the white shirt when you hold them next to each other. But ivory colored dress shirts look close to white shirts when seen from afar and it is almost impossible for people to find the difference. The plain white shirt works well with almost all colors but especially with darker ones like black, charcoal gray, dark blue and such. But when you pair the plain white shirt with warmer colors like brown it will be a stark contrast which is undesirable. In these cases you can swap the white shirt with an ivory colored dress shirt. The muted shade of the ivory colored dress shirts will work great with colors like brown and will create a balanced look. This is also the case with tweed garments. Pairing them with plain white shirt might be too much and thus you should go with ivory colored dress shirt.

The main advantage with the ivory colored dress shirt is that you can pair them with dark colored garments like charcoal gray suits and navy suits and at the same time they can look equally good when paired with lighter and brighter summer colors. If you are thinking of adding one or two ivory colored dress shirts to your wardrobe here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

The purpose of the garment greatly determines the details involved in selecting it. For example if for formal use it is best to go with cotton ivory colored dress shirts. This is because of the fact that for formal use you are going to wear the shirt underneath the jackets. Cotton is a lightweight breathable fabric that can keep you cool through the day. Hence it is a good choice when the clothing involves layering. Linen is also a good summer fabric in terms of weight and breathability but they tend to wrinkle fast and thus the linen ivory colored dress shirts are avoided as formal garments. They are best suited for casual events and travelling. If you still want to use linen as formal garment try to go with blends of linen with cotton or silk since the wrinkling effect is reduced to a great deal. Other than these you can try out the fancy ivory colored dress shirts for special occasions like parties and such. Silk ivory colored dress shirts and ivory colored dress shiny satin shirts are the ones most recommended when you want to be the center of the event you are attending.

mens-dress-shirts French cuff ivory colored dress shirts are recommended when you need a formal wear that you can pair with tuxedos and business suits. Spread collar ivory colored dress shirts and point collar ivory colored dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred by men. But when you need to try out a new style then go with mandarin collar ivory colored dress shirts. They cannot be worn for formal events but is one of the trending styles at the moment. Ivory colored dress Banded collar shirts are also being much preferred by young men who want to experiment the fashion a little bit.

Ivory colored dress shirts are best suited for men with pale complexion. These men while wearing the bright white shirt might look washed off a little. The white shirt draws the attention to the face thus highlighting the pale look. The ivory colored dress shirts when worn with a pair of black slacks can take the focus off your face. This is a good look for any type of event. You can complete the look with a pair of shiny black dress shoes which can divert the attention to your feet.

The next thing that you will have to note is to select the tie properly. You should avoid the ties with a ivory or cream colors on it so that you can avoid the unattractive disconnect. It is always best to go with darker colored ties. You can go with solid ones but you can also try out the patterned ones. Most of colors especially the primary ones like red, green and blue work great with ivory colored dress shirts and you can use this to your advantage.

As for styling the ivory colored dress shirts here are tips that you can refer. When you need a formal look try pairing the /long sleeve ivory colored dress shirt with a charcoal gray suit and navy tie. Add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes to maintain the formal look. Pairing a navy striped suit with ivory colored dress shirt and red tie will cement your fashion game. For a smart casual look pair the ivory colored dress shirt with light gray suit and light gray tie. Pairing this ensemble with tobacco suede tassel loafers can give you relaxed approach.

If you are dressing for a semi formal occasion like weddings you can pair the slim fit ivory colored dress shirt with a burgundy suit, tan vest and a navy floral tie. The three piece suit look combined with a pair of brown leather double monks will make you look refined and sharp. For a casual day around the city or travel you can go with /short sleeve ivory colored dress shirts paired with jeans or chinos. These casual shirts can be a little roomier than the formal ones and hence it is best to go with classic fit ivory colored dress shirts.