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Blue shirt white collar

Navy-French-Cuff-Dress-Shirt When it comes to dress shirts most of us go with ones that have a matching collar as the rest of the color of the shirt. This is the usual style but if you want a new style then you can go with contrast collar shirts. Some may wonder whether this is appropriate for formal events but the key to properly styling the shirt lies in the selection of its color. One of the best recommendations of contrast collar shirts for formal use is the blue shirt white collar. In this article we are discussing about this blue shirt white collar shirt and why it should be a part of your formal wardrobe.

When it comes to contrast collar shirts, the most popular option is the blue shirt white collar. This is because of the fact that the contrast collar shirts are still not being considered as a formal style and thus the blue color is chosen. Most of the contrast collar shirts come with white collars. The history behind the contrast tuxedo shirts is a fascinating one. About a century ago the working class men mostly engaged in physical labour. Daily laundry was not a prevalent one at that time. The collars were the ones that got dirty often and thus detachable collars were introduced. These collars can be removed, washed and then attached with the shirts. This way you do not want to wash the shirt fully on a daily basis. As for the white collars, the manufacturing of the detachable collars was a hectic and expensive process and hence most were produced in white. This was a great innovation at that time since with detachable collars a man can make do with one or two for a week. Some men even wore the detachable collars in the 1930s and soon they changed into contrast collar shirts. The contrast collar shirts never went out of style and made brief comebacks in wall Street during the 80s and ever since been in and out of style. Blue shirt white collar is a formal and elegant garment that you can wear with most formal garments. If you are thinking of trying out the blue shirt white collar style then here are some styling tips that will help you out.

One of the main functions of male attire is to lead the viewers' attention to the face. The collars of the dress shirts and the lapels of the jacket all serve this purpose by framing the face of the wearer. The thing with blue shirt white collar is that the contrast collar will definitely attract attention to it and thus consequently to the face of the wearer. The blue shirt white collar is typecast because of the movie Wall Street for its notorious portrayal and association with corporate moguls. But when you style the blue shirt white collar properly you can easily rock the look.

mens Mens-Stylish-Dress-Shirt Mens-French-Cuff-Blue-Shirt Mens-Checks-Shirt-Navy Navy-French-Cuff-Dress-Shirt

The key to pulling off the blue shirt white collar look is in properly accessorising it. If you are thinking of going with formal blue shirt white collar you can pair with suits and blazers. A good example for this look is the one that David Beckham sported in 2012 Olympics. He wore a navy suit with classic contrast collar shirt and navy printed tie. Remember that the blue shirt white collar was originally a formal style and thus the French cuff blue shirt white collar is the one that is most preferred. You can complete the formal look with a pair of black leather lace ups. If you want a go with a little more casual option then you can try pairing casual tuxedo shirt, with a sportcoat. For this you can forgo the lace ups and opt to go with dress loafers that will match the formality of the outfit.

The type of collar on the mens dress shirt is the one that is most important since the collar is the first thing that people will note on you. Therefore it is best to go with standard collars like point collar, spread collar or cutaway collar. A little rounded one like club collar is also a good choice when it comes to blue shirt white collar. If you want a bolder look then go with tab collar or pinned collar.

blue-shirt-white-collar The next detail that you will have to note is the color of the cuffs on the shirt. You should always go with cuffs that match the color of your collar. Also as mentioned before it is best to go with French cuffs blue shirt white collar. Other than the solid blue shirt white collar style you can try out the ones with patterns. The type of pattern that you choose must be an important choice. Striped blue shirt white collar is the one that is most preferred. Other than that you can go with plaid blue shirt white collar or polka dot dress shirt. It is always best to stick with classic patterns to maintain the elegant look.

As for the length of the sleeves it is best to go with long sleeve blue shirt white collar. This is the formal style that you can pair with almost any garments. The advantage with long sleeve blue shirt white collar is that you can also go with a semi formal look by folding the sleeves halfway. Short sleeve blue shirt white collars are rare since this is a casual style and even if you get one it is best to pass.

The fit of the blue shirt white collar matters a lot since it becomes the center piece. For a formal look go with slim fit blue shirt white collar. This way the jacket that you wear over the shirt also fits properly. If you want a slightly roomier style then you should go with classic fit blue shirt white collar. If you are a tall person or have a rounder middle portion try out big and tall blue shirt white collar.