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Velvet Tuxedo Jackets

Velvet is a soft material that has a real sheen about it. This sheen creates a rich kid look and this is why most people especially the men try to vehemently avoid it. But in recent times there has been an influx of velvet tuxedo jackets especially among the celebrities and the popular fashion designers. If you are still sticking with the usual wool tuxedos and jackets then you are missing out a great deal. Let us convince you on why your next purchase should be the velvet tuxedos jackets.

We men are often used to the usuals and the obvious when it comes to clothing especially for the formal garments. We might be able to name most of the formal garments in your wardrobe like a black suit or a tuxedo since it is the first choice of most men while stepping into the formal clothing world followed by the navy suits which are the favorite for any working men. Other than these charcoal grey suits are becoming a office favorite fast. But once in a while we get invitations to events that would make us want to dress up and flaunt your style.

Red Jacket Velvet  Blazer Pink Blazer Orange Blazer

This is where the velvet tuxedos jackets come in. It would offer you the best look for these events since the sheen of the material is just enough for it to stand out among the crowd of usual dressers. If you are still doubt the power of velvet tuxedo jackets we will have to call in the examples of the celebrities style to prove it. The velvet is not a new style since it has been popular among the sartorially elite for a long time now. It has just expanded its playground since most people are just realising the appeal of the garment.

Now when you get your invitation for a wedding or any special occasion now we want your first thought to be velvet tuxedos jacket. Even when you go with the usual style like black tuxedo jacket but in velvet it will add depth and richness for your outfit. If you getting interested but have no idea on how to start then here are some celebrity styles that will help you.

Blue Blazer Justin Timberlake’s formal velvet tuxedos jacket look

If you are a person who is just starting with the velvet tuxedos jacket look then you might want to start with something subtle and classy. For smoothly dipping into the trend you can choose to go with the velvet black tuxedo jacket and pair it with your usual wool tuxedo pants. This would ensure a classic look and will free of the self consciousness that we develop when trying out any look for the first time.

If you want a visual guide to this subtle velvet tuxedos jacket outfit then you can take a look at Justin Timberlake’s Academy Awards outfit or the one that Eddie redmayne wore for the golden globes event. For the event Justin came dressed in shawl lapel mens tuxedo jacket velvet and paired it with white dress shirt, black bow tie and black wool tuxedo pants. As for the accessories he perfected his outfit by adding with it a white pocket square and a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes.

But if you want to take up the look by a notch then you can try going with the full velvet suit look which involves pairing mens velvet tuxedos jacket with matching velvet tuxedo pants. This will add a dramatic look to your outfit and gain your some impresses stares.

Tuxedo velvet jacket black is the most recommended and preferred look. You can wear them to the black tie events and others too. But if you are bored with the look then shake things up a little by trying out other colored tuxedos. If you want to retain the formal look then we would recommend you to stick with the darker shades like navy tuxedo jacket velvet or midnight blue velvet tuxedo jacket dress. These when viewed from a distance would give the same look as the black velvet tuxedos jacket and thus are even considered acceptable for the black tie events.

Wedding Tuxedo Jason Momoa’s attention grabbing pink tuxedo jacket look

If you are a person who loves to break the rules atleast with the clothing then ditch the black tuxedo jacket and pick out something that most people shy away from. We have constructed many opinions and stigmas over the years and we are happy to tell that they are crumbling slowly.

For example pink was considered to be a girl’s color for a long time but now people are realising it is just a color and nothing more. Thus one of our favorite looks is Jason Momoa rocking the pink mens tuxedo jacket velvet with matching pink velvet tuxedo pants and white tuxedo shirt. For people who question the masculinity of men wearing pink, Jason Momoa proved that masculinity is not fragile enough to be connected to a simple color.

Other than the pink velvet tuxedo jacket you can also choose to go with the other color choices like the velvet red tuxedo jacket or the brown velvet tuxedo jacket. When choosing these bright colored tuxedo jackets it is best to put some more effort into getting the right fit since it gains more attention. Usually we would like you to go with custom velvet tuxedo jacket but if you want an affordable choice go with off the rack picks like velvet slim fit tuxedo jacket or the classicfit tuxedo jackets.

Ansel Elgort’s gorgeous Slytherin green look

Another color that looks great when paired with velvet is green. The deepness that velvet offers to the color makes the garment look stunning. Ansel Elgort’s costume designer must have realised this since the actor attended the oscars wearing emerald velvet tuxedo jacket paired with white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. There are also other shades that you can try with the velvet green tuxedo jacket and all you have to do is to take that faithful leap.