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Light Blue Tuxedo Jackets

We all have the impression that the tuxedos are for the formal events. This makes most of the men hesitate to buy a tuxedo for themselves since the events that require you to wear a tuxedo are less. This might be the case with the black tuxedos but there are other choices. Have you tried the light colored tuxedos? Most men would not have even tried the colored tuxedos let alone the light colored ones. But there is a lot of potential with the colored tuxedos and we are here to endorse for one. Light blue tuxedo jacket is one of the style that is slowly gaining prominence and we would like you to know more about the styling of the garment in case you decide to choose one for yourself.

Baby Blue Tuxedo When we talk about light colored tuxedos like mens light blue tuxedo jacket the question that gets repeated often is “Where do we wear the light blue tuxedos?” Usually the conventional dressers would not like the idea of the light colored tuxedos but the days are conventional dressing are coming to an end. People are now open to new styles and are trying to experiment and push their limits with different styles. Therefore there are a lot of options and events for you to style the light blue tuxedos jacket mens and you don’t have to worry too much about it gaining dust in the wardrobe.

Coming back to the use of the light blue tuxedos jacket it definitely is casual than the black tuxedos. Thus you cannot to style the mens light blue tuxedo for the formal events that has a strict black tie dress code. It would be even best to avoid wearing the light blue tuxedos jacket for any formal events but restrict it’s usage for the casual and semi formal ones.

Light blue tuxedos jacket would be a cool style for the summer and spring events. The light color matches well with the vibe of these brighter seasons and thus would give you a perfect summer outfit. For the semi formal events like summer weddings and casual ones like the summer parties you can choose go style these light blue jacket tuxedo. Instead of going with the same old black tuxedo or navy blue tuxedo give your uptight styling a break by going with the light blue tuxedos. If you are convinced and would like to try out the style here are some of our recommendations.

Summer wedding outfits

Royal Tuxedo As we have mentioned before mens light blue tuxedo jacket is a great choice for the summer weddings. But the styling of the light blue tuxedos jackets and the combining garments that are paired with the tuxedo should be depending on your role for the weddings.

For example if you are the guest then you are allowed to be a little flashy with your light blue tuxedo jacket outfits. The light colored garments usually attract a lot of attention to themselves and when you are the groom then the attention is rightly placed. But this will not be the case when you are the guest. Stealing the thunder from the groom is not a practice and thus it would be best if you keep your style subtle. If you are still not very clear about the styling then here are some of the outfits that we deem are good enough for you to try out.

Groom outfits

The first style is always the most formal look that you can get out of the outfit. In that case light blue wool tuxedo jacket paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black tie and black tuxedo pants is a standard look that can make your outfit look perfect. Add a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes and you are ready to walk down the aisle. The reason why we recommend wool tuxedos is because of the fact that it offers a better drape than the lightweight fabrics. Thus if the weather allows go with the wool tuxedos but if you expect the weather to be really hot go with the breathable and lightweight ones like cotton light blue tuxedo jacket or silk light blue tuxedo jacket. Other than these usual picks people also choose blue velvet tuxedo jackets when it comes to special events like weddings. But velvet tuxedo jacket blue looks great when the shade is darker. Thus when it comes to light blue tuxedo jackets it would be best to stick with the former options.

1 Button Tuxedo 3 Piece Tuxedo 2 Button Tuxedo Wedding Tuxedo

Now the first outfit recommendation that we made is the most standard one. But if you want to induce a little personality to your outfit then try to add more colors to your blue shawl tuxedo jacket outfits. For example styling the light blue slimfit tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, burgundy tie and a pair of navy tuxedo pants would make you look like a million dollars. To perfectly finish off the look and be resulted with a savvy outfit add with it brown leather horsebit loafers.

Guest attire

Now if you are the guest then keep things casual. For example you can style the blue printed tuxedo jacket with a blue polo neck t-shirt and white dress pants. Give the outfit a more formal look by adding brown leather loafers. If it is a more casual event then you can style the blue floral tuxedo jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt, black dress pants. You can complete the look using a pair of white leather low top sneakers since they can give a casual but stylish look.

The thing with the printed light blue tuxedo jacket is that they would be more casual than the plain styles but they would give you a more stylish look. Blue plaid tuxedo jacket would be a cool choice but it is not recommended for the groom attire. If you want a printed style for groom attire then choose the richer ones like Paisley blue tuxedo jackets and such.