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Mens Patterned Tuxedo Jackets

Usually patterns are one thing that men shy away from in fashion more so if it is a formal garment like tuxedos. Thus we know that convincing a person to choose patterned tuxedo jacket is not an easy job but we are going to attempt just that. Gone are the days when the people were satisfied with the plain black tuxedo paired with the standard garments like white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. This has become a basic style in the recent times and basic has become boring. Thus it is time to step up your fashion game and what better day than to start with the mens patterned tuxedo jackets.

Prom Tuxedo It is common knowledge that there are different patterns available in the market. There is a style for everybody and all that you need is to look close enough. Usually when it comes to patterned suits most people go with the subtle and simple patterns like striped suits and such. While these styles might work even as the business suits this is not the case with the tuxedo jackets. You are not going to wear the patterned tuxedo jackets to your regular office day. Tuxedos are meant for the special occasions like weddings and dinner events. These events are much rarer and thus in these instances you will have to prepare to look your best. Thus the same old stripes will not work for these events since you will need a more special style.

Thus when going with the patterned tuxedo jackets mens we would recommend you to choose something that would be eye catching and appropriate for the event. Even there are categories in these special occasions and considering the nature of the event will help you select the pattern that you need on the tuxedo jacket. If you are new to this patterned style then we are here to help you. We will walk you through the different patterns available and about the appropriateness of the patterns for the different types of events.

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Before going into the styles of the patterned tuxedo jacket mens we would like to talk some about the fabric of the garment that you choose. Usually wool patterned tuxedo jackets are the most recommended but if it is a special occasion and you want to stun everyone with your outfit style then wool tuxedo jackets are just not enough. You will need a bolder style and there are a lot of options for you to choose from. If you want a style that is subtle but also not ordinary then our recommendation for you would be to go with patterned dinner velvet jacket tuxedo. The fabric has a sheen that will provide you with the subtle tweak that you require without showing off too much. Other than this you can also choose to go with the silk patterned tuxedo jackets when it comes to summer weddings. These are the two recommendations that would be a good choice for the grooms if they are looking for a wedding attire since you deserve to receive all the attention on your day. On the other hand if you are simply a guest then we would like you to slow down since you do not want to overpower the groom with your outfit on his special day. Thus keep your patterned tuxedo jacket simple and elegant.

As for the patterns on the tuxedo jacket the first one that would be on our list is paisley. The Persian pattern has long been in menswear both in formal and casual side. With the rich history in place paisley pattern tuxedo jacket remains to be one of the most popular picks even today among the people looking for styles that they can wear for special occasions. The rich pattern can make the garment look the best in all senses and thus it is our recommendation for the grooms. Instead of going with the bright colored ones like patterned orange tuxedo jacket choose the two toned ones like black and gold paisley patterned shawl tuxedo jacket since they give you a better look. The gold or the silver patterns on the patterned black tuxedo jacket gives it a rich and sophisticated look that would work for any type of occasion.

Floral Tuxedo The next on our list is the floral mens tuxedo jacket pattern. This is for the people who like to incorporate modern touches into their outfit styles. Tuxedo jacket floral pattern is bolder than the paisley patterned tuxedo jackets and thus are recommended for the semi formal and casual events. Parties would be a good choice to rock this tuxedo jacket mens pattern since it tends to attract more attention towards itself.

These are the two patterns that are recommended when it comes to tuxedo jackets since they have the richness and sophistication that is needed to match the look of the tuxedo jacket. Other than this you can also choose to go with the contemporary or rarer styles like the western tuxedo jacket patterns or the tuxedo tail jacket pattern. Now when it comes to the styling there isn’t much you should be concerned about but we would like you to keep one thing in mind. Whichever the style of the mens tuxedo jacket pattern that you choose you should let the garment be the main element of your outfit. Since the patterned tuxedo jacket is in itself a bold style keep the other combining garments simple. For example if you are choosing to go with a black patterned tuxedo jacket then a white tuxedo shirt with black skinny pants would be a great way to form the outfit style. This is even more to be noted when you go with the brighter styles like the white tuxedo jacket patterned garments or red patterned tuxedo jacket mens. Also best avoid patterned combining garments since they can clash easily and deliver a sloppy look.