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Tuxedo Jacket

Mens White Tuxedo Jackets

Most of us men are hardwired to instantly think of black when we hear the word tuxedos. But thankfully people are starting to realize that there is a world beyond black and an attainable one at that. With the burgundy tuxedos and dark green tuxedos becoming popular in the recent times we would like to see a trend to be back from before which is the white tuxedo jacket slim fit mens. We usually restrict the use of the white color to the dress shirts and it is almost impossible for most men to voluntarily select a white tuxedo jacket or white blazer. Most consider it hard to pull off the white tuxedo jacket look but when you get the basics right it is really an easy job.

Shiny Tuxedo If you are an avid watcher of the award events and consequently the celebrity fashions then you might already know that white tuxedo jacket slim fit is a conquerable look. There are various instances in which some of our favorite celebrities proved that it is possible to look great while rocking the white tuxedo jacket outfit. It also helps that the use of tuxedo jackets are no longer restricted to the formal use and if you are comfortable and creative enough you can make the white tuxedo jacket look work even for the casual attires. Thus there are numerous options when it comes to styling and all you have to do is to find the right fit of the white tuxedo jacket.

The reason why we insist of getting the perfect fit is because of the fact that white though being a neutral shade still lies in the brighter side of the color spectrum. It would definitely catch attention and when eyes on focused upon you people tend to pay extra attention on the details of your attire. Even a slight misstep with the fit of your outfit will show too much especially with light colored garments. Thus white Tuxedo jacket slim fit is our usual recommendation but choose the fit that would most suit your body type. Lean and tall men look great with white slim fit tuxedo jackets but if you are on the bulkier side you can try going with the classic fit white tuxedo jackets.

Now as for the styling there are various ways to style the white tuxedo jacket slim fit. There are widespread examples yhay the Hollywood provides and thus we bring you some specimens that we deem might help you find your own style.

1 Button Tuxedo Classic formal style

If you had watched James bond then you might instantly know what we are talking about. There will be scene in every James Bond movie where he looks impeccable in the tuxedo he wears. There are some movies with the white tuxedo Jacket mens and this is where we want you to look. Starting from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig there are few impressive white tuxedo Jacket outfits for your reference. Depending on your taste you can make your pick. If you are sticking with the modern style then Daniel Craig’s well fitted white tuxedo jacket designer paired with a classic white shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants would be a good look. To introduce the classic James Bond look to the outfit complete it with a wine colored pocket scarf and black leather oxford shoes.

White tuxedo jacket with black vest

Another look that has been celebrity approved is the white tuxedo jacket with black vest. For reference you can look to Bradd Pitt when he wore a shawl lapel mens white tuxedo suit with a white tuxedo shirt and black vest. The heart throb perfectly completed the look with a black bow tie and black formal dress shoes. Another example of the white tuxedo jacket outfit is provided by Johnny Depp. But take example from his outfit on why you should never wear ill fitting white tuxedo jackets. Though he went with the standard 3 piece white tuxedo suit look by pairing the white tuxedo jacket with white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants the white tuxedo jacket was the epitome of ill fitting making the look sloppy.

Mandarin Tuxedo 2 Button Tuxedo Offwhite Tuxedo White Tuxedo Jacket

White tuxedo jacket with black lapel

For people who are still not confident about the white tuxedo suit look you can introduce a little level of contrast with the black lapels. This provides a better visual look and the lapel brings the attention of the viewer to the face. Peak lapel white velvet tuxedo jacket would be a great look when you want a formal look. But if you want your look to be dressier and more fun then shawl lapel white tuxedo blazer dress should be your pick. There are various celebrity outfits in this style but our favorite would be Joshua Jackson’s shawl lapel white dinner jacket tuxedo that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black ell fitting black tuxedo pants.

White tuxedo jacket with casual add ons

Usually people stick with the formal styling of the white tuxedo jacket slim fit. But as mentioned before tuxedo jackets have become a versatile style and thus you can try different styles with the garment. You do not have to be too extravagant with the add ons since even a simple change is going to make the outfit look different. For example you can take inspiration from Louis Smith’s outfit. He goes with the usual off white tuxedo jacket but instead of the usual white tuxedo shirt he picks a white tuxedo shirt and then black tuxedo pants. This subtle difference would showcase your sartorial prowess. But if you are a do or die person then Ashton Kutcher’s outfit would be a better choice. He pairs the peak lapel white tuxedo jacket slim fit with a black tuxedo shirt, white and black scarf, white tuxedo pants with black stripes and then a black fedora hat.