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Mens Navy Tuxedo Jackets

If you hate to be boring then there is a high chance that you might have some concern with the black tuxedos style. Of course they are the pinnacle of formalness and it is the universal formal look but what if you have a option to try a different one? Would you still go with the black tuxedo style? If you still choose black tuxedos then you can move on with the same. But this article is for the people who want to go with the alternative. We suggest navy tuxedos jackets as the alternative. Though the navy tuxedo jacket might not be the exciting alternative that some of you have been expecting but note that it would definitely work for almost any formal event.

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There are a lot more to the navy tuxedos jacket than you might think. Navy has been the go to choice for the working men but this has also made most men develop a contempt towards it since it reminds us of work. Also navy almost has become a neutral color and thus is classified as boring by some men. But in reality navy is one of the colors that are very easy to style and thus would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Now if you are a person who is bored of the navy style do not be very fast to ditch the idea of adding the mens navy tuxedos jacket to your wardrobe. Tuxedo jackets are not the same as the suit jackets and you would note a lot of different looks you can choose for the outfit. Thus we request you to give the mens navy tuxedos jacket a chance and then you will know how much you can achieve with that single style. Another one thing in which navy tuxedos jacket scores well is the formalness. You have already been bored with the black tuxedos and you are looking for a difference. In that case when you attend any formal event like that of a black tie one then it requires you to be in the black tuxedos. But if you want to try something different there isn’t a better choice than the navy tuxedos jacket. Navy is a color that is considered to be on the same level of black when it comes to formalness.

2 Button Tuxedo There is even a time in history when the black tuxedos were replaced by the midnight blue tuxedos and now it is time for the navy tuxedos. The reason why navy blue tuxedo jacket is replaced by the black tuxedos is because of the hue that it offers. There are daytime events when the black tuxedos might look boring and dull but this is not the case with the navy tuxedo jackets. The blue mens tuxedo jacket would definitely deliver a better look when it comes to both the daytime and evening events. Now if you are convinced about going with the navy tuxedos jacket mens here are some ideas and tips that will make the choice easier for you.

First the shade of the navy tuxedos jacket matters a lot. Classic navy tuxedo jackets are the usual choices but nowadays there are a lot more options available and you can choose the one that impresses you the most. If you want a modern style then you can go with the coral navy tuxedos jackets or similar choices. Other than this you can also choose the details depending on your needs. If you think about the styling aspect here are some ideas which we think might help you.

Printed Tuxedo Starting with the formal events like the black tie ones go with the most formal styling of the garment. When you can go with the usual navy jacket look if you are a person who likes a different style that makes you stand out from the rest then we would recommend you to go with the navy velvet tuxedo jacket. For example if you are looking for an outfit that would work for a special occasion like a wedding then you can style the navy shawl tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo jacket, black velvet bow tie and black tuxedo pants. Navy velvet loafers would be a cool look to complete the look but if you do not want the outfit to be too flashy settle for a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes.

Other than velvet there is also the option of the navy satin tuxedo jackets but the velvet tuxedos are a more popular choice. Both velvet and satin tuxedos are much flashy and cool than the navy wool tuxedo jacket and thus it would be a better choice to style them for the important events like when you are picking out the navy tuxedo jacket groom and such.

Other than the formal looks you can also style the navy tuxedo jacket for semi formal and casual events. This makes the navy tuxedo jackets more versatile. For example if you want a formal but stylish look then you can style the navy and black tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedos shirt, navy vest and black dress pants. To inject a laid back look to this navy tuxedo jacket outfit you can add white canvas low top sneakers. If you want a modern look you can style the blue mens tuxedo jacket with a white knit wool turtleneck and charcoal chinos. To make the winter outfit look more casual and stylish at the same time then you can add black suede casual boots and a navy overcoat.

Usually people go with the dark colored styling of the navy blue tuxedo jacket outfits but when you need a modern look then go with the lighter combining garments. For example you can style blue paisley tuxedo jacket with a charcoal cable sweater and white dress pants. The navy paisley tuxedo jacket would be a cool style to choose if you want the look to be special and stylish.