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Men's Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Velvet is one of the biggest trends both in menswear and women's wear. For a long time, people considered velvet to be a garment for performers. But now we have progressed to a point that the women have started wearing them for the work. If you are looking for a staple wear that also gives you a luxe appeal then you should go with the velvet tuxedo jackets. There are many choices with the velvet tuxedo jackets and depending on your taste you can make the choice. Today we would recommend you to try out the green velvet tuxedos jacket. This is one of the best choices on many levels and if you want to know more read on the article.

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Green is one among the long list of the most underutilized colors in menswear. But green is not a totally new style since we have been obsessed with the military garments all through the time. Green has just taken some more time to reach the mainstream menswear. But in recent times people have started recognizing the potential and now everyone loves to choose a green garment style. We have been seeing repeated appearances of the celebrities flaunting the green suits and green tuxedos.

The reason why we recommend you to choose the green velvet tuxedo jacket is because of the fact that green looks perfect with plush velvet fabric. Green is a deep color and the intensity is only increased with the velvet fabric. While choosing the mens green velvet tuxedos jacket there are different details that you should note. The first thing that you should note is the shade of the green velvet tuxedo.

Our recommendation is to choose the dark green velvet tuxedo since the deep shade brings out the brilliance of the green color. There are specific shades that you can try out. For example, if you are a person who is a subtle dresser and want a simple style then try going with the emerald green velvet tuxedo jacket. But if you are looking for a style that is more classy and attracts attention then you should try going with the emerald green velvet tuxedo jacket. Depending on your taste and the event that you are intending to style it for, you could choose the right shade of the green velvet tuxedo jackets.

Sequin Tuxedo The fit of the velvet green tuxedo jacket also matters. You already know that velvet is a classy style and thus it will be sure to turn heads. Thus you should be getting the style that fits you perfectly. You could go with the custom made green velvet tuxedo jackets since they are the best choice in terms of fit but the cost might be too high for some people. In that case, we would recommend you to choose off the rack tuxedo jackets. velvet emerald green tuxedo jacketblazer is the common choice but you can also go with the classic fit or the modern fit velvet tuxedo jackets.

If you are thinking about the styling of the green velvet tuxedos jackets, then here are some ideas for you to try out. The choice of the combining garments that you pair with the velvet blazer makes or breaks the outfits and thus make sure to choose it with care. Here we have compiled some of the best green velvet tuxedos jacket outfits that you can try out.


Any new style that we try, our first choice for the combining garments would be white. This is because of the fact that white is a neutral color and thus can pair well with almost all colors. Thus if you are trying the style for the first time, try choosing the white combining garments.

To start with the most basic style, you can style the green shiny sequin tuxedo jacket with a white Tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. To round off the style in the best way, add with the outfit a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes. If you want a more stylish and functional look, you can style the velvet green jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, navy tie, beige vest and a pair of grey striped dress pants. To make the outfit more classy then you can add with it a pair of brown leather derby shoes.

Long Coat Black

Black is one of the colors that can effortlessly pair with the green garments. If you are more into tonal styles rather than the contrasting styles then you can choose to pair the green velvet tuxedo jacket with the black combining garments.

For a trendy and stylish look, style the green velvet tuxedo mens with a black crew neck sweater and a pair of black corduroy pants. To round off the look in the perfect sense add with it a pair of black suede low to sneakers. For a more refined and sophisticated look, you can style the mens green jacket velvet with a black silk dress shirt and black skinny jeans. The best way to complete this ensemble is to add with it a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. If you are dressing for a special occasion, it is best to try going with the green and black tuxedo jacket and pair it with black dress pants. Black formal dress shoes would be a great addition to the mix.


One of the reasons why brown pairs well with green is because of the fact that the combination is a natural. You don’t have to try too much to make this work but when it comes to velvet blazers it might be something of a hassle since brown is often considered to be a country style.

For a simple yet efficient style, you can pair the green prom floral tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, pink striped tie, brown vest and a pair of khaki chinos. A pair of brown suede derby shoes would be best to complement this outfit.