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Tuxedo Jacket

Mens Slimfit Tuxedo Jackets

Tuxedos are formal garments that rescues us whenever we receive an invitation for a dinner event or a formal wedding. We go with the tuxedo option when we feel the need to look our best in the outfit that we wear. Thus when you go with the tuxedos it is important that you select the perfect one which would make you look great. While there are many factors that influence the look that the tuxedo jacket offers the major one among them is the fit. Slim fit tuxedo jacket is our recommendation since it suits almost all people. But if you aren’t comfortable with the fit then you can choose a different one that suits your body type the best.

Gray Tuxedo There is no way in which the slim fit tuxedo jackets are going to outdo the custom made tuxedo jackets or the designer tuxedo jackets but the fit has more advantage when compared to other off the rack fits. Slim fit tuxedo jacket will hug your body in the right way without being suffocating or restricting too much. There is less use of the fabric thus giving the wearer a sharp and crisp look. Because of this fit the wearer looks slimmer and taller than he originally is. Thus mens slim fit tuxedo jackets are the ones that are most recommended for men. While purchasing the slimfit tuxedo jacket make sure to try it on and see whether it works for you. Another thing we want you to keep in mind is that no off the rack suits are going to fit you perfectly like custom made suits since they are not made exclusively for you. Thus when you obtain a satisfactory choice you can take it to the tailor to have it tweaked as per your wish.

Once you have obtained a proper fit of the slim fit mens tuxedo jackets all that remains is the styling. Now we all know that tuxedos are the most formal garments that you can find in menswear. But that does not mean that they are good enough for only that. With time the fashion world has tried new things and as a result has become accommodating for the Mavericks. Thus now we are at a point which means that there is nothing restricted in terms of clothing. Same goes for the tuxedo jackets and thus you can try new ways in which you can style them instead of sticking to the standard options.

Blue Tuxedo If you want inspiration you can take a look at the Hollywood celebrities and fashion models who are revolutionizing the whole fashion industry. Even if you don’t want to go full runway style there are some factors that you can adopt from the new styles that come into the market. As for styling the slimfit tuxedo jacket mens here are some ideas which we think might help you.

Before going into the modern styling of the tuxedo jackets it is always best to start with the traditional choice. When most people receive an invitation to an event that mentions a dress code then they start to panic. But in reality dressing with a dress code is much easier than doing without. You just have to follow the rules and at the end you would be resulted with a proper outfit. As for the formal events most people find themselves dressing for black tie events even if it once or twice in a year. In that case you can just throw on the black slimfit men’s tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and matching black tuxedo pants. Go with the French cuff shirts since they are the norm when pairing with the tuxedos. To give it the perfect finish add with it a white pocket square and a pair of black leather oxford shoes. Usually for the black tie events slimfit black tuxedo jacket mens would work but if you are bored with this standard look try a different colored tuxedo jacket or introduce some subtle changes. For example instead of the usual wool black mens slimfit tuxedo you can choose to go with the slimfit velvet tuxedo jacket. Though the look isn’t much different it still will provide a more sophisticated look than the wool tuxedos. On the other hand if you are planning to ditch the black tuxedo look on the whole then go with the dark colored ones like navy slim fit tuxedos or midnight blue slim fit tuxedos. This would help break the monotony of the whole crowd showing up in the same black tuxedo style.

Navy Blue Tuxedo Burgundy Tuxedo Slimfit Tuxedo Pink Tuxedo

When you want to move from the traditional look and try something daring and casual then you will have to change your combining garments. The traditional look of the tuxedos is known for the monotony but when you introduce some bold colored combining garments then the look becomes contemporary. The inclusion can be small like a multicolored pocket square or a scarf or a big one like a bold colored tuxedo. It depends on the type of dresser you are and how much risk you are willing to take. Leave out the black tuxedo leather shoes and go with the sleeker options like velvet horsebit loafers.

When you are ready to take the slim fit tuxedo jacket mens down the casual path then the opportunities are endless. You can leave out the usual white tuxedo shirt and try the colored dress shirts or you can even pair the satin lapel tuxedo slimfit with a crew neck t-shirt. One look that is greatly trending at the moment is to style the slimfit double breasted tuxedo jacket with a crew neck t-shirt and a pair of velvet tassel loafers. Choosing the best slimfit tuxedo might take time and patience but the resulting look is worth all the effort. You can even start with cheap slimfit tuxedos and once you are convinced that this look would work for you move on with the high priced ones.