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Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo Jacket With Tails

Imagine getting a invitation to a near royal wedding or a vintage costume party. You might be raking your brains to find a style that would make you look the best and also blend in with the theme of the event. Most people’s first choice would be tuxedos since this was the choice for the most formal events even in the past. But what if we say that there is a more formal clothing than the tuxedos that would make your outfit scream elegance? If your interest is piqued then read on further to know how you can work the tuxedo jacket with tail look for the said events.

Black Jacket Tuxedo jacket with tail is often worn with a pair of tuxedo pants and a white tuxedo shirt and all together this ensemble is often referred to as the morning suit. This item of clothing is considered to be the most formal garment in any English man’s wardrobe. If you are an American and have never seen another man wearing this tuxedo jacket with tail look then don’t worry yourself too much since it is more popular in England than it is in the United States.

The tuxedo jacket with tail is indeed a simple tuxedo jacket but it comes with the distinctive swallow tail at the back and this reaches below the knees of the wearer. This style is considered more formal and elegant than the usual short tuxedo style and is often seen in the English weddings and important royal events. The origin of the mens tuxedo tails jacket can be traced back to the 19th century England and it is a derivative of the frock coat. This modification was done so that the wearer can mount the horses easily. The square edges of the frock coat was modified to an elegant sweep so that they do not flap around too much when the wearer moves around.

Tuxedo Jacket As mentioned before the tuxedo jacket with tails is a traditional attire that often pops out during the important formal ceremonies and extravagant events. But the look of this tuxedo with tails caught mainstream attention when the David Beckham decided to bless us all with his iconic tuxedo jacket with tails outfit for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While the groom himself looked stunning with the velvet black tuxedo jacket attire we will have to guiltily admit that David Beckham decidedly stole the show atleast to the fashion world that day.

Any argument that deemed the tuxedo jacket tails mens to be tacky or boring got annihilated when the man looked stunning in his simple but elegant morning suit look. Even today David Beckham’s morning suit look remains to be one of best tuxedo jacket tails look by a celebrity. Want to know the details of the look that we are gushing on about?

David Beckham’s tuxedo jacket with tail outfit was designed by Kim Jones. The look was indeed a deeply traditional choice but with a contemporary touch which made it perfect for the 21st century. The blending in of the Dior Homme charcoal grey tuxedo jacket tails along with the subtle dove grey double breasted waistcoat and matching charcoal grey pants was perfection in its best. And the fit of the garment was what made the attire truly awe worthy. Thus when you choose to go with the tuxedo jacket with tail outfit there are a few rules that we would like you to note.

Most people would opt to go with the tuxedo jacket tails rental since the style can be expensive for some and some would not like to spend too much on a rare style. But as mentioned before fit of the tuxedo jacket with tails is very important and thus make sure to get it right. For example if you looking for a wedding attire then it would be best to spend some money even if it’s little more than your designated budget to go with the designer groom tuxedo jackettails. You deserve to look your best on the special day and a nicely fitting tuxedo with tails jacket would do the job!!

White Tuxedo Classic Tuxedo Tail Suit Red Tuxedo

The first thing to note about the fit of the tuxedo jacket with tails look is the shoulders since it is the trickiest part to alter if you get it wrong. Also the tuxedo jacket with tail you choose should fit to the contours of the body to give out the perfect look. We cannot mention how many disastrous looks we have encountered with the men wearing ill fitting boxy morning suits.

Next to the main part of the morning suit which is the tails. The tuxedo with tails is more of a coat and thus the S shape is mandatory for it to look the best. Thus whether you go with the short tuxedo jacket tails or the long one note that it should be cinched at your waist and swoop at the back.

As for the tuxedo jacket with tails color black is the most preferred and most recommended. But if you want a more striking look then you can choose to go with white tuxedo tails jacket. Adults usually stick with the darker colors for safety but this is not the case with the children. If you are looking for boys Tuxedo jacket tails then you can try different colors like navy or even light grey. We have mentioned earlier that these morning suits are best for formal events and also for costume parties. If you are dressing for the later then you can be bolder with your choice. Like for a casual and fun costume party you can choose to go dressed in sequin tuxedo jacket tails or gold tuxedo jacket tails.

This is a post note since we thought that we favored David Beckham’s morning suit look throughout the article. Here are other looks by some of our beloved famous men who also nailed the look. Check out Prince Harry’s tuxedo with tails look and also our very own King of the North Kit Harington’s morning suit looks.