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Tuxedo Jacket

Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket With Black Lapel

When you hear the word tuxedo what pops up in your mind? Sophisticated dinner parties? Weddings? Whichever is the image your mind have conjured in most cases it would be a black tuxedo. Do you know why? This is because of the fact that we have conditioned to go with black tuxedos since they have been the norm for centuries. But with the fashion evolving there are barriers breaking and it is time that we choose something other than black tuxedos. Burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapel is our recommendation for today. Read further to know how you can style the garment in the best ways.

Velvet Tuxedo Anyone who has a little interest in fashion would know that burgundy as a color is trending greatly at the moment. The celebrities have taken a liking to the color and so are the fashion designers. As a result we often see some stunning looks of the burgundy garments in the runways and red carpets. Have you heard about the saying “While in Rome, be a Roman”? If you are wondering about the right time to try out a new style no time is better than the period where the trend is at the highest. This is because of the fact that people won’t even notice if the style doesn’t work for you. But if it works you have acquired a new favorite for your wardrobe. Thus it is high time that you go shopping and add a mens burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapels to your wardrobe collection.

Burgundy tuxedo jacket would be a good break not only from the black tuxedo but the monotone of the tuxedo attire that has been the same for centuries. A fashionable twist is always needed to keep things exciting and alive and burgundy black tuxedo jacket can provide you with just that. Burgundy is a shade that borders with both red and brown. Thus you need not worry too much about standing out from the rest of the crowd. There are shades available in the burgundy tuxedo jackets and depending on the look that you choose you can make your pick. For example if you are dressing for a formal event or just starting out with the look then go with dark burgundy tuxedo dinner jackets. When you are quite confident with the look you can go with the lighter or brighter shades of the burgundy tuxedo jacket outfits.

1 Button Tuxedo Black lapel on the burgundy tuxedo jacket is a cool look that would emphasize your look because of the contrast it provides. Black pairs well with burgundy and thus black lapel Burgundy tuxedo might be an elegant addition to your collection if you allow it to be. The styling of the burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapels depends on the event you are attending. If it is a formal event that has a dress code then stick with the standard styling of the tuxedo jacket. On the other hand if it is more of a casual event then you can go with the modern and contemporary styling of the Burgundy and black tuxedo.

As we have mentioned before the celebrities are rocking the burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapels look and thus we thought it would do you good if you take a glance at some of the celebrity outfits before finding your own style.

Ryan Gosling

If there is one person who would definitely hype you to try the burgundy garments then it would be Ryan Gosling. The man has in many cases rocked the burgundy garments be it the suits or the tuxedos. Today we would like to pick out his Oscar burgundy tuxedo look. For the event he showed up in a peak lapel Burgundy tuxedo jacket that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and matching burgundy tuxedo pants. He perfectly completed the formal outfit with a pair of black leather formal shoes. This is an outfit that would work for an formal events be it the elegant dinners or formal weddings. If there is a dress code involved go with the darkest shade of the burgundy tuxedo jacket mens you can find and match them with appropriate accessories.

Maroon Suit Slim fit Suit Burgundy Tuxedo Regular Fit Tuxedo

LeBron James

LeBron has always had an unique taste in fashion both in formal and casual clothing. He proved this fact once again when he showed up in the shawl Collar tuxedo jacket burgundy for the major award event he was attending. The shawl lapel on the tuxedo was black and the burgundy tuxedo jacket was slightly on the brighter side. He paired the shawl lapel Burgundy tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and matching burgundy tuxedo pants. The NBA player looked perfect in the outfit which he completed with a pair of black monk strap shoes and a white flower lapel pin. This would be a perfect look for the events where you want your outfit to grab attention. While peak lapel tuxedos are considered to be the most formal, shawl lapel tuxedos are considered to be dressier than the former. If you are looking for a burgundy tuxedo jacket wedding then this outfit should be your pick. If you want to take the fashion look a notch further then you can go with the burgundy velvet tuxedo jacket.

Orlando Bloom

If you are hesitant about trying out the burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapels style and want to go with the minimalistic look then we would suggest you to choose Orlando’s look. For the Met Gala he came dressed in a burgundy tuxedo jacket slimfit that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. Other than the plain burgundy tuxedo jacket with black lapels you can also choose to go with the patterned tuxedo jackets. Burgundy plaid tuxedo jackets and floral tuxedo jackets burgundy are some of the popular choices when it comes to patterned styles. If you are still not sure go with the burgundy tuxedo jacket rental first to try the style out.