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Mens Double Vreasted Tuxedo Jackets

If you are one among the people who still consider double breasted tuxedos or suits as outdated and grandpa style then you seriously want to put some effort into upping your style game. Double breasted tuxedos jacket and double breasted suits are all the rage now and people need to acknowledge this to proceed with the style for their own. The double breasted tuxedo jackets and suits are indeed rarer when compared with the single breasted suits but now they are greatly preferred by the Fashionist as and fashion designers. If you want your outfit to be runway worthy then you should think of trying out the mens double breasted tuxedos jacket style.

2 Button Blazer Two Tone Blazer Brown Tuxedo Black Tuxedo

The double breasted styles have been in use since the 1800s and initially the buttons on either side were provided for perfect symmetry. But in the late 1800s the double breasted jackets became a prominent style in menswear. Double breasted tuxedo jackets and double breasted blazers are said to have originated from the reefer jackets and the pea coats. This type of clothing was used by the naval officers since the thick double breasted style provided good protection against the cold wind of the sea. Now there are a lot of double breasted tuxedo jackets and blazers style available.

While picking out the mens double breasted tuxedos jacket there are a few things that would be better to note if you want a perfect look. This includes the fabric of the garment along with the color and the fit of it. Make sure that you take the time to refine these details as per your taste and then choose the one that suits you. If you are thinking of trying out the double breasted tuxedos jackets for the first time but are still hesitant about whether the style suits you or not there is a alternative way. Instead of spending much money on the style and later not finding it suitable for you it would be better if you go with double breasted tuxedo rental. This way you have a trial period in which you can decide whether the style works for you. If you think it does not then return the style and go on with the usual single breasted tuxedo looks. But if it looks good on you then you can go through the styles available in the market to choose the one that fits you best.

Slimfit Tuxedo Styling of the double breasted tuxedo jackets isn’t a very hard job when you get to know the details. Take some style lessons from the legion of celebrities who seem to have fallen in love with the double breasted tuxedo style. There are different ways to style the double breasted mens tuxedo jacket and you can choose your look depending on the event you are styling it for. Think about the nature of the event whether it is a formal or casual event. Most people consider the tuxedo jackets only good for the formal events but in reality you can style them for the casual events too.

Now we will provide you with some of the different looks that you can try with the double breasted tuxedo jacket. Starting with the formal look, go with the full blown formal tuxedo attire if you are dressing for an event that mentions black tie in the dress code. Black tuxedo double breasted is usually the look that people aim for when they need a perfectly traditional look. You can style it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and matching black leather patent dress shoes. But if you consider this look to be too basic then you can change up the look with a double breasted navy tuxedo jacket or even a grey double breasted tuxedo jacket.

Shawl Collar Tuxedo The type of the event also determines the look that should go with. For example weddings are one of the events where the double breasted tuxedo jacket look would work perfectly for. If you are the groom then you deserve the spotlight though the event and thus you can make elite clothing choices. For example in normal cases double breasted wool tuxedo jacket look would work but for groom attire we would recommend you to go with the double breasted tuxedo velvet jacket. As for the type of the lapels peak lapel tuxedo jacket is the usual pick but when you want your look to be dressier then go with double breasted shawl tuxedo jacket. You can also choose to go with double breasted tuxedo vest look since the three piece look is always more formal than the two piece one. On the other hand if you are the guest and looking for the double breasted wedding tuxedo attire then we would suggest you to tone down things a little and go with simple looks.

Now if you want the look to work for the casual and semi formal events then you will have to loosen up a little with the styling. Instead of the tuxedo shirts and tuxedo pants try going with the casual combining garments which would provide you with a winning look. For example you can borrow David Beckham style by styling the charcoal double breasted suit with a brown turtleneck and a pair of black formal shoes. This look isn’t the usual formal double breasted tuxedo suit look but would provide the wearer with a nice scope for upgrading their wardrobe.

For a more casual and summery style you can go with a light colored double breasted tuxedo blazer and then pair it with a casual long sleeve shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans. This is indeed a bold look which you can complete effortlessly with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. Other than this you can also try out different looks like double breasted tuxedo coats and such. The best choice you can make is to spend some time to find the right style among the thousands available in the market currently.