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Velvet is a fabric that has mixed views among men. While some absolutely love the rich look that it offers for some the flashiness is too much risk. Thus velvet garments especially the formal ones like velvet tuxedo jacket mens have been at the center of arguments for a long time now. Our vote is for everyone to try out the mens velvet tuxedo jacket style atleast once in a lifetime. This is because of the fact that some people do not particularly dislike the velvet tuxedo jacket look but instead avoid it thinking that they cannot pull it off. But fashion comes with a lot of surprises and thus you can never know whether something works for you or not without first trying it out.

Black Tuxedo Velvet Tuxedo 1 Button Tuxedo Green Blazer

Velvet tuxedo jacket mens is not a new style and has been on the spotlight ever since the Renaissance period. Men in the last century absolutely adored the velvet style and thus it was greatly popular at that time. Since then it has been in and out of style especially in mens fashion. But recently the velvet tuxedo jacket seems to be having a moment with all the important celebrities and fashion designers fawning over the style. If you are a fan of the velvet clothing or a starter who is just going to try out the style then we bring you some of the tips and recommendations that might help you to pick and style a better velvet tuxedo jacket outfit.

Velvet is a flashy fabric but with time it has been toned down to the level of it being appropriate for the special occasions too. Mens fashion is much more restricting and cautious when compared to womens clothing. Thus inclusion of the velvet tuxedo jacket in itself can be considered to be a great blessing. As we have mentioned before velvet has long been in the history of menswear and it has travelled through changing times and people. In the past velvet has been considered to be a symbol of maverick and it was mostly used by the performers. Mick Jagger is one of the pioneer in choosing the flashy velvet garments that made the whole industry to stop and take a look. Today velvet has become a integral part of many mens wardrobe and thus you don’t have to be rebellious or a maverick to try out the velvet tuxedo jacket mens style.

Red Tuxedo When it comes to velvet tuxedo jacket outfit it is important for you to choose and style it in the right way. Instead of going with the first style that you find take some time to know about the available styles in the market and the different looks that they offer. If you hear of a velvet tuxedo jacket sale it would do you good to check it out since variety of styles would be available at that time. Shopping velvet tuxedo jacket online is the much preferred way but if you like trying the old school way of visiting the store and making the purchase then try searching velvet tuxedo jacket near me and then check out the reviews to find the best choice.

As for the styling you have a lot of examples in the department since celebrities are loving to rock the velvet tuxedo jacket mens style. For most of the award shows in the last century men resorted to the easiest and safest picks of black tuxedos. But if you have been following the trend nowadays you would note that men are not afraid to try new styles especially when it comes to these award events. Thus we have many examples of the trending velvet tuxedo jacket mens outfits that we like to share with you.

Eddie Redmayne

The Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them actor seems to have a flair for dressing up and is considered to be one of the best fashionable British celebrities. The velvet black mens tuxedo jacket though being the safest choice is still one of the most preferred ones when it comes to important events. If you are a person who likes to dress up but want to stand out from the rest of the group especially for the black tie events then you should definitely consider going with the black velvet tuxedo jacket dress. This is also the look that Justin Timberlake opted to go with for the Academy Awards.

Navy Tuxedo For a simple look you can style the black velvet textured tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and wool tuxedo pants. This is the classic look which can be completed with a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes. If you want a bit of a dramatic look to your outfit then you can swap the wool tuxedo pants with velvet tuxedo pants for the whole velvet tuxedo look.

Jason Momoa

While the black velvet tuxedo jacket mens is the usual look there have been increasing instances of the men opting for colored tuxedo jacket styles. Depending on your taste you can choose the best one that would suit you. For example people who are trying out the colored tuxedo jacket style for the first time would be safe with the darker shades like Burgundy velvet tuxedo jacket or dark green mens tuxedo jacket velvet. But if you have confidence as big as Jason Momoa then going with pink velvet slim fit tuxedo jacket is a simple task for you. The man looked dashing in the pink custom velvet tuxedo jacket that came with black lapels which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and matching pink velvet tuxedo pants. He left out the bow tie but if you want the look to be complete you can add them.

Other than the colored tuxedos you can also choose different types of the velvet tuxedo jackets. Printed velvet tuxedo jacket is the look that is becoming popular in the recent times. You can also try crushed velvet tuxedo jacket if you love casual looks.