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Chocolate Brown Tuxedo To Make You Look Dapper!

 chocolate brown tuxedo
A chocolate brown tuxedo, while far from the norm for black tie formal wear, can help you stand out in a room of men who all look the same. Although the black dinner jacket has had a long run as the king of formal evening events, non-conventional colors have been slowly making their way into current fashion. With options such as a red tuxedo or the incredibly sharp chocolate brown tuxedo becoming more accepted, it is easier to both fit in and stand out at the same time. This is the sole reason that we at MensUSA have plenty of variety in the shades of yummy brown to make our customers look handsome!
Aside from worrying about fitting in, many people think that brown means boring and dull. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, shades of brown are showing up in more places than ever before. Do not be apprehensive of trying a chocolate brown tuxedo. Just look around. You will see brown shirts, brown curtains, towels, etc. The fact that it is even a considered color in formal wear is proof enough that brown is not only acceptable, but also desirable. All you need is the personality to be able to carry off anything!
After choosing a chocolate brown tuxedo, you must also select a few well coordinated accessories. An easy way to dress up a tuxedo is with a vest and tie. When choosing colors, think simple but different! Your vest should be a lighter shade of brown. Be sure not to go too light! Not only will you need to coordinate your tie with your jacket, but also with your shirt and vest. Many striped ties come in shades of brown. These ties are both good looking and versatile. If you really want to stand out, you can go with a pink or ivory tie from our collection at MensUSA.
Another important factor to consider when choosing your tuxedo is the wardrobe of your date. What will she be wearing? As a rule, a woman's formal dress code is a bit more flexible than a man's. That being said, you will always want to make sure that the coordination you have in mind is also what she has in mind. In the case of a mahogany or chocolate brown tuxedo, you can be certain that she will be on board. Because of the classy, elegant look created by a mahogany colored jacket, many top designers are designing tuxedos in brown. One could even say that "brown is the new black".
By choosing the elegant versatility and style of a chocolate brown tuxedo, a man is sure to set himself out from the crowd. You have chosen fashionable, but unique, dapper but edgy. For those of us who toe the line, these are important distinctions to make.

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