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Striped Suit for Men

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Striped suits for men

Gone are the days of solid pattern in men’s suits. The solid pattern is plain and does not add any styling statement to the outfit. It is the fit, the color and the style of the suit that makes a style statement of the men’s suit. Apart from the color, the fit, and the style, there is yet another parameter that plays an important role in the style statement of the men’s suit. The ‘pattern’ is the other factor that plays a vital role in marking a fashion statement of the outfit.

When we consider various patterns in the men’s suit, you will find patterns like the paisley print pattern, seersucker pattern; self design print pattern and pinstripe pattern in men’s suits. The pinstriped pattern by itself known by the name striped resembles lines on the suit. There are a lot of variations and design styles in the stripes as well of the pinstripe pattern. The thickness of the stripe, the space between one stripe line and the other, the color of the stripe, etc are some of the important difference in a striped pattern suit. A men’s chalk striped suit, as popular by the name is a men’s pinstriped suit with white colored pinstripes on them. The chalk striped suit for men comes in different colors like brown chalk striped suit, black chalk striped suit, navy blue chalk striped suit and so on. Chalk striped look great and evident only on dark colored suits and tuxedos. Thick striped suits are those that have wider width of the stripes pattern on the suit. Some men prefer to wear thick striped suits as well.

A striped suit looks formal and is the best choice that one can make for a different patterned suit. When the pinstriped pattern got popular in men’s suits, the most common was the mens black pinstripe suit. A blacked striped suit is a ‘never say no’ to type of outfit that every man would like to posses. The reason is black being a formal color and the striped pattern being the most popular among men. If you are not looking for a suit, but desire to get dressed in a formal tuxedo, then the men’s striped suit pattern is now available in men’s tuxedo as well. A men’s black pinstripe tuxedo is the best go to option for formal events, business dinner meetings and also sometimes prom nights.

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