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Striped Suit for Men

Striped SuitStripes are patterns that run in parallel lines in any cloth. A Striped Suit is one that that is associated with formal business looks. Striped suites tend to evoke affluent, knowledgeable and teeming image that simply points towards business. There are many other styles and creative patterns that are being designed to give a striped suite a more casual and classy look. Men's formal suits are mostly found to be pinstriped giving it a business like appearance. Striped suites represent business wear clothing. They look more stylish and depict a powerful image.

Striped suites come with vertical patterns that give a bold and manly look. These suites are more comfortable for office wears and represent a formal image. With the change in the professional scenario, these striped suites prove to be a dapper choice for essential meetings, sales calls, and other business events. Striped suites prove to be a bad choice for casual outings and other social affairs.

Striped suits are growing in reputation and are aligned to varying degrees of style. Presently, these striped suites are designed to give an out-of-office appearance. These striped suites when worn with contrast colored collars, epitomize a high class elegant look. There are many ways to team up these striped suites with varied colored ties to represent a more sophisticated look. Gentlemen prefer to wear the tie which has the color of the stripes, as it gives a more complementary look to their overall appearance. A handsomely tailored stripe suite is these days subject to many formal and informal occasions, and it depicts an exotic and polished notion. When it comes to striped suites, men have different choices in the color, texture, patterns etc.