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Clergy Shirts As Vestment For The Church

clergy shirts
Vestment is a Latin word which simply means clothing. They are set by the church to provide better thoughts and promote devotion in the eyes of those who see and those who wear them. They are liturgical garments associated basically with different Christian religions for example the Catholics, Anglicans and even Lutherans.

Different denominations and communions have different regulations on matters of wearing the rubrics. For instance, The Roman Catholic clergy can be directed to wear special clerical clothing in public such as a clergy shirts, a clerical collar or a cassock. The difference in the type of vestment worn gives a distinction for the Holy Eucharist or Communion and other services of the church. For example, administering the sacraments, solemn recitation, processions and public services of prayers. No matter what kind of vestments you have been looking for, we have them all on our online portal for men's apparel, MensUSA where you can shop all that you desire.

Catholic vestments dates back to many years and are still very useful up to date. Although some are not mandatory anymore, they are still preserved. The church still gives its due respect because of special use to these garments as they keep the dignity and mystery of the religion.

Catholic Vestments are many and each one of them is meant for its specific purpose. Here are some of the examples;

(i) The Alb

Is long white linen containing tapered sleeves. It is worn by the priest during the Holy Mass. Its significance is that it symbolizes the purity that is supposed to indicate the soul of the priest in the altar.

(ii) The Cappa

This is a long black garment which is open in front having a clasp and sometimes a hood. It is specifically meant to be worn in the choir in Divine Office especially by the cathedral churches clergy and many other religions. The modern look of clergy shirt are also worn by the clergy of cathedral churches.

(iii) The Cassock

The Cassock comes in different styles and cuts. It has thirty three buttons of significant of the years of the life of Jesus. There are two types that is the ordinary and the choir cassock. The ordinary one which is black in color is worn by clerics while the choir dress purple in color is meant for bishops and honorary prelates.

(iv) The Cappa Magna

Literally it is quite known as the 'great cape'. It is mainly worn by the cardinals, bishops and other honorary prelates. It is voluminous garment with a long train. This rubric is not mandatory nowadays therefore it is rare. The garment dates back to the first millennium and its train has varied in terms of length over the years. Clergy shirts seem to have replaced this piece of clothing.

(v) The Cappello Romano

It means Roman hat, a hat with a wide, circular brim and a rounded rim and it is worn by the clergy. It is a practical item therefore it serves no ceremonial purpose. The Pope wears a red Cappello with gold cords while other clergy wear a black cappelli. A bishop on the other hand may have green and gold cords with scarlet lining. Deacons and seminarians wear cappelli with no distinguishing items.

Therefore, catholic vestments are very important according to the doctrines of the church. The history and the dignity of the church practices are marked by these garments. These garments are many and just to mention more others include; stole, rochet, cope, mitre, maniple, chasuble, zucchetto, clergy shirts, humeral veil and each is designed specifically to a special purpose of the church. You can get all of these from our online collection at MensUSA.

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