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Hats and its Importance

Mens HatsHats were once worn as a status symbol; initially it was worn by aristocrats to show off their class. In contrary women wear it as an accessory to finish their look. Unlike mens hats, women hats were brimless and required pins and clips to secure them falling off their heads.

Hats are no longer worn as status symbol in the society. Though they are still worn by many these days, they wear it for different reasons than before. Now a day's hats are worn for some purpose, such as keeping them warm during winter and for having a trendy or fashionably appealing look. It is not only the younger ones who wear hats for fashion the older ones do as well. Another obvious reason of wearing hat or a cap is that when people start losing hair, they wear fashionable hats just to cover their baldness at ease.

Apart from all these, they wear due to another important reason as well, which symbolizes something, which denotes something, yes, sailors wear it as their uniform, police also wear it as part of their uniform. It gives or denotes a sense of responsibility, authority and many more. And some caps serve as a protective gear, take for instance in construction companies, starting from a workmen till the architects and engineers wear protective head gears, these gears can be classified between a helmet and a cap. So, one cannot consider a cap as just a piece of fabric or a material worn for just fashion, it has its own value, it demands and commands respect. In olden days, kings and queens wore it for their pride and wealth. Even today you won't find the queen seen without a hat on her. There are individuals who wear head gears for aesthetic reasons. Hats have their own importance till date.

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