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Pimp hats - Wear the Hat and Get the Look of a Gangster

Pimp hats

Hats generally protect the heads from the sunburn or ultraviolet radiation. But hats are also worn as a style statement. You can underline your presence by wearing rich suits and bright hats for several occasions. The best part is you will get the cowboy look as soon as you wear a colorful hat on your head. Thousands of famous musicians, stage artistes, actors, actresses, hosts and other individuals wear the hat to showcase their style in a different way. Noted pop singer Michael Jackson who excelled in the field of music also wore hats for all his important stage shows. If you want to rock and carry a magnificent look think of wearing a colorful suit and pair it up with a hat which is made up of rich fur. Hats are of many times but wearing pimp hat is a celebration which cannot be expressed in normal words.

Carry a pimp look in the streets

Wearing pimp costumes and walking carelessly on the crowded street in the country of USA is more than a fun and frolic. This is the time to think abnormally and add more fun to your life by wearing these spectacular hats that have beautiful colors. If you want to look like pimp decide to wear the pimp costumes and pair it up with pimp hat which comes in different colors such as green, blue, black and purple. You will gain the notorious and Halloween look as soon as you pair the hat with pimp dress. Pimps have flashy characters and are generally found in TV shows, movies, plays and also in crowded streets. Pimps are often chased away by the public since they behave rudely but when you wear this impeccable pimp dress and sexy pimp hat you will not be chased but will only be flanked by numerous men and women.

You will look a bit showy when you adorn your head with printed pimp hats. Wear the right attire that matches the pimp hat and walk with extreme pride on the roads. Pimp hats come in fashionable designs and rich colors. Enter the casino world and other night clubs wearing this glossy hat that comes with several designs and colors and become a head turner. You can wear these pimp hats in various occasions such as: -

  • Classic hat for Halloween nights: Halloween functions and nights are not far away and these decorative hats will be the perfect fit for these types of devilish functions. Haunt others wearing jersey shirts and decorative pimp hat.
  • Best hat for birthday bashes or parties: If you want to look different from others then you can wear pimp hat and walk majestically among the crowd. Many will at your pretty hat for several hours.
  • Incredible hat for attending music shows or orchestras: If you are planning to attend a famous stage or rock show decide to wear fashion clothes and adorn your head with colorful pimp hats that comes with classic materials.
  • Pimp hats come in different categories and sub-categories and it will be a thrill to wear these fantastic hats that are generally used by pimps. Some of the pimp hats that are very popular in USA are:
  • Wide Brim Hats: These are 100% lined hats with velvet and other materials. You can use this hat for partying and such functions. It comes in cheetah and leopard prints. You can pair it up with leopard disco shoes, sunglass and other jewelries.
  • Fur Bucket Hats: These are 100% lined inner hats with black faux fur and velvet. Best hat for the party and other birthday bashes. You can pair it up with platform or fish tank white shoes.
  • Fedora Hats: This unisex hats have velvet and other fur materials. You will look pretty when you wear platform shoes fish tank leopard shoes.

Hats that will be good for all the occasions and functions

If you are specific about iconic look decide to wear the best suit and adorn your head with pimp hats that comes in shapes and sizes. Generally fedora hats are worn by both men and women and considered as unisex hats. Deluxe black velvet pimp hat will be a best fit for the women with substance and who carries rich looks. This hat has either cheetah or zebra prints. Ladies can pair it up with cheetah dress and white pearl necklace. Express yourself in a different way by wearing these hats for the important occasions. You will become a thug and feel as if you are one among the gangsters when you wear one of the colorful pimp hats. Try velour gangster hat since it comes in different shiny colors such as yellow, red and orange. You will quickly find the negative and criminal side in you when you wear these designer hats. White felt fedora hat is also unique and wonderful which you cannot wear it during few functions. You will be received with great respect when you cover-up your body with luxury suits and white hat. Get that upscale and glittery looks wearing these extraordinary hats that have exotic fabrics and materials. Pimps generally wear extravagant and distinctive suit that is embellished with decorative buttons and lapels. They will also wear long thick gold chains around the neck, solid rings in their fingers and ears and also wear costly Alligator shoes. You can also become a pimp by following these dress codes and by wearing one of the rock solid pimp hats. You will standout and gain the celebrity status when you wear the hats that are generally worn by the pimps in this country. There are lots of pimp hats with band around it. Try one and enter the party with a happy mindset. Pimp hats will be the perfect pair for lavishly designed pimp costumes. Famous Hollywood heroes like Sean Connery have sported many hats including fedora hats which fall under the pimp hats category. Gear up for a change and wear the pimp hats that stand out and meet the requirement. There are also several vintage pimp hats that come in traditional and old looks.

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