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Royal Blue Tuxedos For A Sophisticated Look!

royal blue tuxedos
Some colors are the in color of the season and then out of fashion for many more seasons at the whim of the fashion world. Royal blue is one of those colors. When wearing tuxedos, people often just stick to completely black tuxedos. Rarely do people know that royal blue tuxedos give a completely rich, classy and sophisticated look like no other color! Adding to that, a subtle combination of royal blue tuxedos and black also creates quite a magic. MensUSA has a collection of tuxedos in plain royal blue and even in the combination of blue and black. To get a complete idea you must check the variety at mensusa.

These colors worn together make a smart combination that you can wear for many years and they will always look great whether or not the color is the color of the season. Do not confuse this deep blue with navy. Navy has black added to it: so it is a much darker color. Some shades like French navy can be very close to true black in color. You can get readymade royal blue tuxedos from our online shopping website. You can also mix and match in the following ways to create a style statement tuxedo.

Why it Works?
Black and royal blue tuxedos work as a combination when you can clearly see the difference between the two colors from a distance. These are both classic colors and these basic, staple colors go well together. The combination is unusual enough to always look smart in whatever situation you wear it. The challenge is to make it modern rather than staid and old-fashioned.

Royal Blue over Black
The best and smartest way to wear this color combination is royal blue tuxedos over black. Wear the blue on the top half of your body and keep it in a modern style that is open at your neckline. The simplest way is to wear it as a jacket over a black top with black pants. Make sure you leave space at your neckline.A more unusual way to wear these colors is to wear a blue modern-style top over black pants. Accessories again will be the key to looking modern and stylish when you combine the two solid colors. An easier and safer option is to wear a print top that combines the two colors and maybe, adds a touch of white or grey. When wearing a print top, add a blue modern style jacket with or without a collar. Wear the jacket unbuttoned to show the top underneath. Both these colors are cool colors and best suit those with that coloring. For you, add silver or black accessories. If you have a warm coloring or if you want to be more approachable, add gold accessories or a handkerchief with warm colors and a touch of the blue to the tuxedo attire! This will soften the cool colors and blend more with your neck and facial skin

Black and Navy
Keep this combination only to black accessories worn with royal blue tuxedos. Add some white, grey or pale blue in the handkerchief or the tie. Make sure you can see the difference between the two colors from a distance or you will just look mismatched. What are you waiting for? Get a reasonably priced tuxedo in a classy rich color and make your wardrobe collection an envious one!

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