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Suit Sizes- Learn The Suit Size Right For You
Mensusa Suit Sizes- Learn The Suit Size Right For You Learn the meaning of suit sizes such as the 34s suit and mens suit 44r to figure out which size suit you need to purchase while shopping online at

Have you ever tried to shop on your own for a new suit and felt completely lost? Suits not only come in different fabrics and colors and styles, but they also come in all different sizes. This can be extremely confusing when you are trying to figure out which suit to buy online if you have never shopped for one on your own before.

Not to worry. All those numbers and letters you see as options will seem confusing and difficult to decipher at first. However, this quick and easy to follow guide to mens suit sizes will help you figure out which size to select once you have found the brand, style and color of suit you are interested in purchasing.

All you will need before you get started is the exact measurements of your height in feet and inches, the width of your chest area and your sleeve length. To measure the width of your chest, measure the widest part of your torso, just under your arms and across your chest. To measure your sleeve length, start at shoulder seam of your shirt and down to about two inches below your wrist. Those are the measurements you will need for the suit sizes summarized in this article.

suit sizes mens suit 44r

We will begin with the smallest suit size and go up from there. Use your calculated measurements and these descriptions to figure out which suit size will fit you best.

34s suit- small size suits for a slimmer, shorter figure

If you are a bit shorter in stature and typically wear slim fit formal wear, you will probably end up wearing a smaller size suit like this one. What is important when it comes to suit sizes is that the suit is just long enough in both the sleeves and jacket length. It also has to fit right in both the shoulder and chest area of your body.

Choosing a mens 34s suit means that you are choosing a short suit length, which is based on both the jacket and sleeve length. It is recommended that if you are at a height of five feet eight inches or shorter, you should choose a short suit length such as a mens 34s suit. You will know your jacket length is correct if it just covers your backside.

Mens suits 36r- regular size suits for smaller chest measurements

The number on your suit jacket size is a measure of the circumference of your chest. Mens suits 36r, therefore, mean that your chest area measures about 36 inches around. But what does this letter stand for? In this case, similar to the 's' in the suit size mentioned above, 'r' means you are a regular suit size. This means mens suits 36r are made for men with a 36 inch chest size who are too tall to fit into a small size suit jacket.

If you are between five feet nine inches and six feet one inch, it is recommended that you go for a regular length suit. If this is too confusing or you are not sure whether or not your sleeves are long enough, always make sure that between a quarter and a half inch of your dress shirt is showing beneath the ends of your sleeves, nothing more and nothing less.

Mens suit 44r- a regular suit for an extraordinary man

Keep those measurements you took earlier in mind while shopping around, especially if you come across a mens suit 44r and aren't sure what that means. If your chest width measures around 44 inches and you are between five feet nine inches and six feet one inch, you will probably want to purchase a mens suit 44r suit size in the brand and style you want.

Mens suit 48r- just the right size for you

If you come across a mens suit 48r as you are browsing, you can apply the same rules and principles here as you did with the mens suit sizes mentioned above. If you are between five feet nine inches and six feet one inch and your chest width measures 48 inches around, you will need to purchase a mens suit 48r. This will ensure that your suit is long enough and that it fits your shoulders properly.

Now that you know what the numbers and letters mean in terms of suit sizes, and you know exactly how to take your own measurements in preparation for shopping, you will have no problem finding the suit size that will fit you without even having to try it on first. Keep in mind that if you are over six feet one inch, you will need to look for a large (L) size. A suit that fits well keeps you looking classy no matter what.

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