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Wearing The Safari Suits With A Difference

Safari Suits Suits are worn on various occasions to look decent as well as outstanding. And to achieve that end people look around to find the best suits available at the stores especially the ones that are made for specific purposes. There are exclusively designed suits that you can wear for an official meet, regular office wear, wedding ceremonies and for one's own wedding, for trekking, picnics, outing as well as safaris. Among the different types of suits that are available today the Safari Suits have a traditional appearance.

Safari Suits were actually meant for hunting expeditions to the African jungles. Hence they had to be made from strong fabrics that could withstand the wear and tear of traveling through rough areas. They are mostly made of tough cotton materials and denims and consist of a bush jacket along with matching shorts or trousers. These suits were basically designed for people living in the tropical climates but the style and looks were unique. A great collection of Safari Suits are available at MensUSA that are well designed and are manufactured with the concept of offering comfort even in warm weather with a number of pockets to hold necessary hunting essentials.

Fashion is ever changing and the types of clothes that were meant for a particular purpose are no longer worn only for those occasions. People love to innovate and experiment with new things. And so the Safari Suits too have undergone some changes so that you can wear them in any way you like. Nowadays the trend is to wear proper fitting clothes that give you comfort and make you look good as well as stylish. So fashion freaks wear these suits in contrasting colors and not in their original style. Previously such suits often had matching pants with same designs in the shirts with a casual neckerchief.

But today you will get various color combinations as well as single color Safari Suits of quality fabrics. They have a smart look and so if a well-built man can carry himself rightly in the Safari Suit he can surely be the show stopper at any event. The attire has a definite identity of its own and so the wearer looks really different from the crowd without hurting the classical touch of the suits. Moreover they are very comfortable to wear.

In the 1970s Safari Suits were mostly worn by the elite group, bureaucrats and business tycoons. The styles were a little different as compared to the original ones. They had a square-cut short-sleeved jacket with a broad collar. There were four pockets and epaulettes and teamed up with short or long pants and knee-high socks. The colors that were in fashion were mostly the sky blue or khaki and the fabric used was polyester and not cotton.

The shirt was called Bush Shirt with half-sleeves and it was not tucked inside the pants but hung outside for a casual look. The height of the shirt was however little longer than the normal shirts worn under other suits. These Safari Suits are worn today also by many people who wish to go about differently and in a casual way during their vacations or outings.

If you wish to introduce your own signature style, you can very well try out the Safari Suits from mensusa online store and add some elegance to your regular wear and that too at a reasonable price.

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