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Men's Sportcoats

Sports coats are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Building a wardrobe for work isn't cheap. Because a sports coat can work well with a variety of pants and shirt styles, it is a good choice for men trying to build a wardrobe for work. The coat can be paired with different pants, shirts and ties to create several different outfits with fewer pieces.

Sports coats work well with a variety of different pants or trousers. Corduroy pants with a sports coat is perfect for business casual attire or after work and on weekends. Jeans with a sport coat is also a great casual look. For dressier occasions or business meetings a pair of dress trousers offers an alternative to the standard suit.

Sports coats are available in a range of colors. Most men choose neutral or dark colors when purchasing a sport coat. This allows more options in pairing the jacket with several different pants and shirts. Good color options for sports coats include black, navy, charcoal, tan and camel colors. Many men start off with black or brown and then gradually add new colors.

In addition to being versatile in terms of style, many men find sports coats to be more comfortable. If you want business attire that offers comfort as well as style, add a sports coat or two to your wardrobe. In cooler months, the sport coat doubles as a jacket. A layered look can be created with a shirt, sweater and the jacket on top. Layers can be added or removed as the weather changes throughout the day.

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