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1950s Mens Suits Look Stylish In Retro

 James Bond Tuxedo

Men's fashion in the time of 1950s was greatly reflected by the Cold war onset. The days of excitement and use of bright and bold colors and patterns were gone. Most people were fearful to stand out amongst the crowd and wanted to be seen as a good American. This resulted in people conforming to simplicity and it became difficult to distinguish one man from the other. The mens clothing had become very businesslike and conservative in nature. Also in the early years it was considered that a man without a suit is not serious enough. Everyday clothing started becoming simpler and simpler everyday without much variation in style and color. The men were expected to wear their suit for most part of the day and this led to the beginning of the 1950s mens suits in a typical style.

During this time, the gender roles were also being enforced quite strongly. If you were a lady, you had to wear dresses ad if you were a man you had to wear suits only. There were hardly any exceptions to this rule.

Some good examples of the trends in the 1950s mens suits can be seen in many of the movies and TV shows. Cary grant and Henry Fonda, the actors of those times sported the businessman look of those times. Flannel suits in shades of dark blue, gray, and brown were tapered and shorter than the ones found in the previous years. The jackets were single breasted and shoulder pads were removed from these suits. Men's shirts were also bleached to retain the pearly white color always.

 White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos

Neckties were compulsory to be won in workplace. They became very slimmer like the skinny ties that we know of today. . The width of these ties was hardly more than three inches and the length had increased to 52 inches. It was the neckwear which had some color in the suits of those times. One could find geometric patterns and diagonal stripes on them. Hats were also a part of the ensemble of men. The choice of fabric of these suits and accessories ranged from wool, cotton to silk.

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