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Wearing a Charcoal Gray Suit

Charcoal Gray SuitIf you are looking for neutral colored attire then the charcoal gray suit will be absolutely ideal for you. This colored suit can be worn at formal and casual occasions with almost all colors of shirts.

Most men's clothing store contains the charcoal gray suit. The dark matte gray has now come to be the standard formal dress and it is by far the most preferred option. It is very easy to match and complements all complexions. Hence, all the factors account for its high popularity. It is the most popular color that dominates the fashion scene. This particular color has competitors as navy blue and black. Charcoal gray can be worn at business as well as social occasions. The most suitable alternative to formalwear is the plain suit.

Any pattern reduces the formal quality of the color and attire. However you can also go for a modest pinstripe that gives you a sophisticated look at all types of events and occasions. The universal acceptance of this color makes it the first choice for young fashionistas. This color looks good if it is not shiny and available in matte color.

The shiny quality tends to make it look gaudy and completely destroys the formal aspect of the attire. Hence, the ideal material in which you should search for this gray suit is heavy wool. This will lend a natural luster and a smooth drape that looks perfect on your body. Lighter wools have a smoother weave and hence it may have a reflective sheen which will ruin the formality of this suit. However, a blend of man-made fiber will be able to add durability and strength to the suit.

When you are getting this gray suit make sure it is well fitted. Every suit looks good when it has a proper fit. Dark suits stand out in particular if the fit is improper. Whether it is too tight or too loose it does not matter because the suit is going to draw attention towards all your flaws. After purchasing if you find that the suit is not fitting you properly then you must take it to the tailor immediately. Charcoal gray is a great color and it will look good in double breasted as well as single breasted suits.

Charcoal Gray SuitA more practical style for a conservative dresser would be a 2-button single breasted suit in charcoal gray. Two vertical slits and double venting at the back will give the suit more flexibility. However, if you like to experiment with your look then you can choose styles that will make the suit stand out. A unique cut can change the whole look of your suit. Peaked lapels are more favored when you are choosing your suit.

Charcoal gray is a neutral color and does not clash with any other shade. Hence, you can pair up almost anything with this suit color. However, still you can make poor choices with a charcoal gray suit. Try to avoid anything too dark as that will absolutely ruin your look. Pastel dress shirts go well with this suit. If you want an extremely formal look then you should avoid wearing a crisp white shirt. With the flexibility offered by this suit it has become an integral part of menswear wardrobe.

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