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Prom Tuxedo
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Everyone to look best during their prom night, wouldn't you? If you want to impress your friends during your prom, then you have come to the right place to buy your prom suits, because prom is an important event in every person's life. has a wonderful collection of prom suits - tuxedos, which will definitely amaze your girl if you are asking her out during your prom night. Tuxedos are a must for every guy who is going to his first prom.

Why Prom Tuxedos From

Prom suits - tuxedos from MensUSA are made from the finest fabric with sophisticated stitching and Italian designing, which will fit you comfortable.
Buying a prom suit from is a best investment, as your suit will stay as good as new for years to come. You will certainly love our wonderful collection of prom suits. Every importance and care is given to bring out these most excellent prom suits.
Any kind of prom shirts such as wing collar, turndown collar or mandarin collar; goes well with our prom suits. Traditional prom suits are generally worn with a bow tie and with a vest or cummerbund, which is a pleated sash worn around the waist.

Tuxedos for Prom

A tuxedo is a part of Men's clothing which comes in black tie and it is a semi-formal evening dress. But men's prom tuxedo suits are always considered to be the best formal wear for prom. Most tuxedos come with matching trousers and prom tuxedo suits come in various styles such as double and single breasted with peaked lapels.
Tuxedos give you a unique fashionable look for man's personality. MensUSA has superb collection of tuxedos with 1 to 3 buttons made from best worsted wool, available in outstanding colors like black, off white, white and ivory. We also have 38" long length tuxedo fashion suits which are very trendy which is also suitable for your prom night.

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The prom is a night to remember. Girls aren't the only ones who want to look their best. Your prom tuxedo is the first step to looking great. While recent trends have included other fashion suits, the tux remains the preferred clothing for the occasion. At Men's USA, we offer a nice selection of tux styles to fit your personality and be appropriate for formal dress.

Traditionally, guys have chosen to rent a prom tuxedo rather than purchasing one. This was due to the high prices of purchasing a tux compared to renting. When you rent prom tuxedos, you are paying for one occasion. If you have another occasion, such as a wedding or other event, you will need to rent again. In this case, purchasing a tuxedo is a good investment and will save you money on future rentals.

The price you will pay for a prom tuxedo from Men's USA is lower than you will find elsewhere. Our mission is to provide high quality men's clothing at value prices. Our prom tuxedos are no exception. You won't find these tuxes at a lower price than what you will pay with us.

Don't be fooled by the low prices. The prom tuxedo you order from us will be made at a much higher standard than you would guess from the price. We use the finest materials and quality craftsmanship in making our prom tuxedos and all clothing sold on our website. You will find the materials and styles of our formal wear are comparable to many of the top designers such as Hugo Boss, Canali and Armani.