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1920s Mens Fashion Suits

Win All Attention In The 1920s Mens Fasion Suits

There are several different features to look at when it comes to 1920s mens clothing mens especially the 1920s mens suits.


The first feature of the 1920s mens fashion suits is that it was a tuxedo type suit. This means that it had a tail coat or a single button dinner jacket with a satin stripe flat front pants. It might also have a white plain front with a wingtip collar dress suit with some cuff links. The last look of 20s mens fashion would be a white vest, which made it more formal or a black vest that was semi-formal.

Plain 1920s suits

The second feature when you are looking for 1920s Suit For Sale is the other types of the 1920s Mens Suits. This means that it is going to be a striped, plaid, herringbone, or tweed pattern that is going to be fitted for the guy. It is going to come with matching trousers and a vest. It could also be a striped shirt with a white collar like a round club collar or a straight collar. The man is also going to be wearing a necktie or bow tie along with a coordinating pocket square.


The third feature of the 1920s Mens Fashion Suits was all of the accessories especially the hat. Most of the time, the hat would be some of the following: hamburg, fedora, bowler, straw boater, panama, straw optimo, or a tweed newsboy cap. Some of the other accessories might include some white gloves, a white bow tie if the man is going to a formal event and then a black bow tie for a less formal event. The other accessories where a walking stick or a pocket watch on a chain.


The fourth feature to look for in the 1920s mens outfit is the shoes. There are two different types of shoes to choose from when you want the look of the 1920s style men. The first pair of shoes are going to be more simple because they are black patent leather oxford shoes. The second pair of shoes is the black or brown lace up oxfords. They are going to be two toned with brown and white if you are looking for more of the sportswear style of shoes. They could also be white with summer whites.

No matter which style of the 1920's that you are looking for, you are going to be able to find something that is going to fit your style.

Roaring 20s mens fashion

roaring 20s mens attire is so easy with our amazing sale of 1920s mens outfits. Got in and find your perfect suit.

1920s mens fashion suits1920s mens fashion suits, hats,are antique collections now. They represent a unique, distinct and traditional fashion style today. There is a return of 1920s fashion now. People are actively looking for 1920s attire for their needs. We have collection of 1920 suits, hat and other clothing to suit your needs.  If you ever want to portray a historical and traditional dressing style, these antic looking 1920s suits are more than apt as they fit your requirements and expectations precisely. The suits that represented the 1920's era predominantly portrayed a style wherein the suits fitted men snugly and the trousers of the suits were somewhat short that exposed the socks. This style was quite predominant till 1935 wherein suits underwent a revolution and the style got replaced by another style wherein looser fitted coats with tapered arms and pant bottoms came into the picture.

1920's is a great era that was marked by several historical events and facts. The fashion industry has played its part too. One among the notorious criminals of the era was Scarface Al Capone who popularized his own style and you can render such a style as well. The era was dominated by beautiful flapper dresses and the cloche hat. Capone's silk pinstripe suits are quite stylish and elegant in its own ways. Such a style is still popular even today as even after 80 years of Capone's death, he was recently voted as one among the most stylish men of the 1920's era. These silk pinstripe suits are highly soft and durable. Men predominantly wore the double breasted style with large butterfly lapels and predominantly of dark gray, charcoal or black colors back in the 20's. The double breasted suits style has a very vary history. Its popularity has gone up and down over the last 9 decades and today people predominantly go for the single breasted versions as they feel safer with it. 1920s of the 20s fashion as you call it is unique. People like to be different that day, Even during the time of the great depression people like to party wearing their wonderful 1920 outfits. Formal wear was fashion that time. People partied as if there was not another day for them.

That shouldn't be the case especially has men have started to experiment and explore. Irrespective of whether you want a single breasted outfit or a double breasted suit, for the 1920s suit, our site is the place to be.

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