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Red Plaid Blazer

One Button Red Suit Blazers are being at the peak of popularity especially with the young generation. They are the perfect middle of the road garments that are not as formal as the suits but are also not casual like jeans and t-shirts. Thus they are preferred by a large group of people but the thing is most of us go with the usual colors like navy, charcoal and black. Of course there this nothing wrong with sticking to the classic colors but with the numerous shades and styles pouring in it is time for you to start venturing out a little. In this article we discuss the red plaid blazers and some of the best ways to style them.

The main advantage with the blazers is that they are a versatile garment that you can style for both formal and casual events. All you have to keep in mind is styling of the garment and in a way that is appropriate for the nature of the event that you are attending. The styling of the blazers is the key part since some men have the misconception that linen blazers pair well with almost every thing. For properly styling the red blazer it is best to know the basics and some prevailing trends of the present time.

Red Plaid Sportcoat Red is evidently the color that is having a popularity surge in the recent times with some of our favorite celebrities rocking the color on a fairly regular basis. As for the red blazers one among those stylish celebrities Ryan Gosling sported one thus giving a new light to the garment. Since then the red blazers are also being noticed and some of the best styling tips are coming into light.

While the solid fancy blazers are relatively easy to style the red blazers are the ones that have some limited styling chances when compared to the solid red blazers. This is because of the fact that the patterned blazers are usually considered to be slightly more casual than the solid blazers. Thus the red blazers are better to be styled for the semi formal and casual events rather than the strictly formal ones.

Plaid is one of the oldest known patterns in menswear. The history and the evolution of the plaid is still an interesting topic to study especially for people who are interested in fashion. The successful pattern has seen all aspects of styling starting from formal to casual. While the plaid pattern started out as formal garments that were used to indicate the different clans of the Scottish clans by the varying designs and colors. Slowly it was adopted by the British and American textile manufacturers and with the increasing popularity they were soon adopted in casual garments too. In present time plaid is almost everywhere starting from the suits to the shorts. Thus it is relatively easy to style the cotton blazers when compared to other patterned garments since it is a very popular design.

If you are convinced about getting a red blazer then here are some things that you should note for a proper choice. Red is not a particular color but comes in different shades and thus selecting the right shade will do half the job in getting a perfect look. Select the shade keeping in mind the type of event you are attending. Dark red blazers like burgundy red blazers and maroon red blazers are the ones that are most recommended for formal events like weddings and such. These darker shades are also the ones that are best for gloomy seasons like winter and fall since they don't attract too much attention and is also not very hard on the eye of the viewer. But when it comes to semi formal and casual events that take place in the brighter months of summer and spring you can go with the brighter and lighter colors of red blazers. Brick red blazers and light red blazers attract attention and thus you can go with that choice when you don't mind being the center of attention in the event.

red-slim-fit-blazer Red plaid blazers are one of the best recommendations for special occasions like weddings. If you are holding a outdoor wedding and would like to stand out among the group of people wearing black tuxedos on your special day you can opt to style the red blazers with proper combining garments. For example a peak lapel red blazer paired with a white dress shirt with the first few buttons left open and beige chinos is a great choice to begin. You can complete the subtle look by adding a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers. You can also go with a shawl lapel red plaid blazer paired with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants when you want a slightly dressier style.

For a smart casual style that you can wear to a Christmas party or such events you can pair the single breasted red slim fit blazer with a gray knit turtle neck and black chinos. The dark shade of the red plaid blazer will match greatly with the navy color and you can use this to your advantage since navy is a favorite among men and thus you will have a large amount of navy garments in your wardrobe. For example you can pair the notch lapel red plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, navy vest and navy dress pants. For a laid back look you can lose the tie and add a charcoal wool hat.

There are very few things that directly affect the look of the blazer and one of them is the fit of the garment. A slim fit red plaid blazer paired with a burgundy turtle neck and black dress pants is a good formal look. For a casual style you can pair the classic fit red plaid blazer with aquamarine dress shirt, gray chinos and complete it with tan suede chinos.