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Sparkly Blazers

While the navy blazers and charcoal gray blazers are the staples in every mens formal wardrobe they do not help much when it comes to fun events like parties and such. For these type of events it is best to go with styles that will make you look blended in for the event. You can go with flashy styles like sparkly Men's blazers but the styling needs to be perfect for you to safely pull off the look. In this article we discuss the sparkly blazers and some of the best styles of it available in the market.

Silver Velvet Blazer When it comes to sparkly Men's blazers there are a lot of styles and you can choose the one that you need depending on the type of event that you are attending. For a formal event like award events where you need to dress up it is best to go with subtle styles of formal sparkly Men's blazers. For example for these types of events you can choose the Paisley sparkly Men's blazers since the rich design on the garment will make you stand out from the crowd easily. Other than this you can also opt to go with floral sparkly Men's blazers to get a laid back look. When it comes to these formal sparkly Men's blazers the fabric from which the blazer is made plays a major role in the look of the garment. We recommend you to go with sparkly silk blazers or sparkly velvet blazers when you don't mind being the center of attention of the event you are attending. The silk sparkly Men's blazers combined with rich designs like florals or Paisley will create a sophisticated look for the wearer.

Purple Velvet Blazer As for the casual events you can go with casual more flashy styles of sparkly blazers. sparkly Sequin blazers is the most popular recommendation when it comes to casual styles. The sparkly discs on these blazers will create a great look that is best for the parties. When it comes to fashion sparkly Men's blazers like sequin blazers the details matter a lot. For example when it comes to sequin blazers the ones with small discs are considered to be a more subtle and elegant pick when compared with the ones with large discs. The spacing of the discs on the blazers also should be closer for it to create a rich look. Other than this when it comes to other sparkly Men's blazers the shine of it should also be limited since too much shine on the garment will make it look cheap. Therefore while selecting the sparkly Men's blazers make sure you go through the small details before making the pick.

As for the color of the sparkly Men's blazers go with dark ones like black sparkly Men's blazers and sparkly Burgundy blazers for a subtle style and light ones like silver sparkly Men's blazers and sparkly gold blazers for a distinct look. As for the fit go with the nicely fitting ones that accentuate your body type. Sparkly Slim fit blazers and classic fit sparkly Men's blazers are the ones that are most recommended.

Now if you have a party invite and thinking of trying out the sparkly Men's blazer style but are not sure on which to select or how to style the one that you have in your wardrobe then here are some simple ideas that might help you in the process. When it comes to styling the first thing that you will have to consider is the type of event you are attending and how you are required to dress for it. Now if it is a fairly formal party that is happening in a high end hotel then you need to go with some of the formal styles of sparkly Men's blazers.

For example for a evening party you can go with dark colored silk sparkly Men's blazers. The material in itself will have a sheen about it which will make your outfit look special without looking like you tried much. If you want a still more distinct look you can go with the patterned ones like sparkly paisley blazers or printed sparkly blazers. If you think that the silk blazer look is too much then you can go with the velvet sparkly Men's blazers. The soft material when paired with dark colors such as navy and burgundy will give a rich look for the outfit.

Prom Blazer Blue Blazer Grey Blazer Red Blazer

Thus if you feel that the party is on the formal style go with these sparkly blazers in dark colors. Midnight blue sparkly Men's blazers and sparkly navy blazers are some of the default recommendations for these type of events. On the contrary if the event is slightly more casual then you can ease out some on the color choice of the sparkly Men's blazers. You can try out the brighter shades like Royal blue sparkly Men's blazers and wine red sparkly Men's blazers.

For a casual look you can go with the casual sparkly blazers. Two toned sparkly blazers is the latest trend that is making the rounds in recent times. Try out the nicely contrasting ones like white and gold sparkly Men's blazers or red and sparkly black blazers. The contrast of the two colors will make it look more stylish and give you more styling options when you pair it with combining garments. Other than the usual styles of sparkly Men's blazers you can try out the trendy styling ones like leather blazers.

If you are styling the sparkly Men's blazers for fun events like costume parties or Halloween parties then you can go with bright colored sparkly Men's blazers. For example a white sparkly Men's blazers or gold sparkly sequin blazers are a good style for these types of events. These sparkly blazers might not be a good look for semi formal events like weddings since it gathers a lot of attention and thus might steal the thunder from the groom. Thus make sure that you style these fashion sparkly Men's blazers for fun events for which you being the center of attention might not become a problem.