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Black Sequin Blazer

White-Black-Dinner-Jacket-Blazer Sequin blazers have been constantly taking a spot in the prominent trends of the recent years. While you can make do with the formal navy blazers and charcoal blazers for any type of formal and semi formal events the fun parties are a different matter. A formal blazer can make you look like a fashion police among the 20 year olds who are trying to have a fun weekend. A black sequin blazer might help a great deal in this area and if you don't have one in your wardrobe already you have seriously consider getting one.

Black sequin men's blazers are not the pick that men usually go with. Truth be told though some men would love to have one, most would chicken out at the end wondering whether they can pull off the look. Thus in this article we give you some tips and some styling ideas that might help you confidently pick out black sequin men's blazers. While the sequin blazers are available in all possible colors why we recommend the black floral blazers is that they are easier to style. Also blazers are a good choice since sequin suits or sequin pants might look like going overboard for the first try. Thus if you are a person who is trying out the sequins for the first time then black sequin men's blazers might be the best choice.

Vinci-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit The sequins have become a huge hit in womenswear while attracting a lot of followers so much so that they are being even used in daily wear. But this is a privilege that we men do not enjoy and thus make sure that you style the black sequin blazers keeping in mind the event you are attending. Mens back sequin blazers however subtle they are will be sure to attract a lot of attention and definitely not good ones when you style it for daily use especially events related to work. Thus restrict the usage of these sparkly black sequin blazers for weekend parties and club nights while we leave the daily styling of it to women.

As for some of the history of the black sued blazer and how it came into clothing industry you might be surprised to know that the sequins dates quite long back in time. This came as a revelation when the tomb of Kind Tut was found in 1922. He belonged to the period of the early 1300s B. C. The Egyptians had the custom of burying the royals with nice garments and riches so that they have a good afterlife. The tomb of King Tut had Royal garments in which the gold disc shaped sequins were found. Leonardo da vinci's sketch of a machine that is made to print out metal discs is found to have dated to the 1480's. The word sequins is even said to have meant the wealth and people were known to see real gold discs in their clothing. Thus the sequins were a status symbol and also a theft deterrent since you can keep the wealth close to your body. Thus the sequins are not new to clothing industry and the style has evolved a great deal over the centuries.

Before you deem the flashy black sequin men's blazers as a trashy, obvious style know that most of the prominent fashion brands are loving the style and it has been constantly making the news in the red carpets and runways. All you need to do is to properly know about the style and also the styling process involved. For example for a subtle look make sure you go with black paisley blazers in which the sequins are densely packed. This will make your black sequin men's blazer look weighty and also luxe while the large sequins that are loosely packed will make your blazer look cheap.

black-paisley-blazers The material of the black sequin men's blazers also plays a major role in the look of the garment. If you want a solid fabric go with wool black sequin men's blazers or cotton black sequin men's blazers. Linen black sequin men's blazers are best for summer parties. For a luxurious look go with silk black sequin blazers or velvet black sequin men's blazers. When you need to get the garment at a lower price range go with synthetic ones like polyester black sequin men's blazers or rayon black sequin men's blazers.

The details on the black blazers make the garment stand out from the rest. Single button black sequin men's blazers and 2 button black sequin men's blazers are the ones that are mostly recommended when it comes to the button detailing on the blazer. As for the vents go with side vent black sequin men's blazers if you are a slightly bulky person. Other than this you can also try the single vent black sequin men's blazers or double vent black sequin men's blazers.

black-double-breasted-blazer The lapel on the black double breased blazers are another important detail to note. Peak lapel black sequin blazers give you a classy look and you can wear this with black combining garments for formal events where dressing up won't be a problem. Notch lapel black sequin men's blazers are slightly less formal and usually recommended for casual purposes like parties and weekend outings. Shawl lapel black sequin men's blazers give you a dressy look and can be worn to special events. A shawl lapel black sequin men's blazer paired with a black silk dress shirt and black dress pants is a great look for award events and other events where you want to be the focus of the event.

Another main thing that you need to note with black sequin blazers is the fit. When you go with formal ones like cotton black sequin men's blazers and such make sure that they are perfectly fitting. Slim fit black sequin men's blazers and classic fit black sequin men's blazers are the two styles that are mostly recommended for a flattering fit. When you go with loose ones then use it for casual events since they give a laid back look that is not appropriate for formal or semi formal events.