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Picking an outfit for any occasion is no easy job. There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right outfit. The nature of the event plays a major role in the selection of the outfit. We have been choosing suits and tuxedos for the formal events and casual outfits for the casual events. But what about the events that are too casual for the suits and too formal for the casual outfits? What if you find the suits to be too boring and want to go with a more fashionable look instead? Dress blazers is the best choice for these types of events since it offers the perfect middle of the road look for the men. In this article we will discuss more on the various styling aspects of the mens dress blazer.

One thing that makes the men hesitate while choosing the mens dress blazer is that they find it hard to get the combination right. While most think it to be a hectic job, it is in fact simple when you get the basics right. And people have now started experimenting greatly with different combinations and hence you do not have to worry too much about getting it right all the time. You just have to take the time to go through different styles of the combining garments and then choose the one which you think might suit you. It might be a dress shirt or a simple crew neck t-shirt – just try it on and see whether it works for you. This trial and error method works the same for the selection of colors too.

As for the selection of the dress blazer, note every detail with care so that you get the perfect outfit. The subtle dressers would want to choose the navy or charcoal grey blazers but chances are high that you already have a suit of that color in your wardrobe. Hence instead of choosing the plain and usual styles of the dress blazer, try something different. For example, you can choose blazers of lighter or brighter colors and also the ones with patterns. This paired with the simple combining garments would deliver an enviable look for the wearer. Use the dress blazer near me option to check out the different styles available. You can go for dress designer blazers of you are ready to choose even the most expensive dress blazer for the important events or you can check out the low cost dress blazer. While getting the dress blazer online, make sure to check the size chart properly and then make the choice.

You might already have a dress blazer or you might be just thinking of getting one. Either way it would help a great deal to know a little about the styling of the dress blazer. You do not have to go looking far for styling ideas when we have our beloved celebrities doing the job for us. Observing celebrity outfit is one easy way to get expert advice on fashion since these people are often dressed by top fashion designers. Here are some of the top velvet dress blazer outfits that you need to check out.

green blazer
John Legend

The All of Me singer isn’t afraid to try out bold looks and his billboard music awards outfit was no different. The singer was seen wearing a navy and white print casual dress blazer with a white print shirt and a pair of well fittedwhite chinos. Rounding off the look seems to be easy with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. For introducing a challenge into the outfit, he also included a white bow tie with this outfit. If you are attending a semi formal party that is all about dressing stylish and trendy then you should be choosing these kinds of outfits. The mix of the traditional and the casual look makes the outfit a little more noticeable.

Derek Hough

If you are a fan of the casual styles and want to choose the same then you can choose Derek Hough’s billboard music awards outfit. The Dancing with the stars pro was seen wearing a bright blue dress blazer which he paired with a white dress shirt and navy dress pants. Adding with this outfit a pair of black wholecut dress shoes is the perfect way to give the outfit a cheerful look. If you are bored already with the dark colored blazers and want to try trendy and stylish dress blazer then this would be a good choice of outfit for you.

blue blazer Chris Hemsworth

If you are looking for a more subtle and blendable outfit then you should try choosing Chris Hemsworth’s all black outfit. The Thor actor is often seen in casual outfits and his style sense is effortlessly classy. The all black outfit is everyone’s favorite and it is also easy to pull off. Black has a slimming effect and thus would be a good choice for people with a bigger build. The man was seen wearing a all black formal dress blazer with a V neck black tshirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. This is a cool style of outfit that you can wear for the casual events and parties. It matters a lot to make the choice and hence take the time to find the right dress blazers.

As we have mentioned before there are a lot of details to be noted. For example, the fabric of the blazer. You could choose the wool dress blazer for the formal events while the cotton and linen dress blazer would be a better choice for summer and spring events. You can even go with silk or velvet dress blazers of the event is of more importance. Other than this take the time to find the right fit too. Designer dress blazers offer good fits but for a cheaper option choose off the rack dress blazers. Slim fit dress blazers and modern fit dress blazers are the usual choices.