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Men's Vintage Tuxedo

When we talk about formal clothing for men the first image that comes to our mind is of a classic tuxedo. The tuxedos have been long in history of menswear but have undergone very little changes with time. Still if you are a person who loves vintage styles the you would not be convinced with the models of tuxedos and the styling that we have now. In that case we recommend you to give a try to vintage tuxedo styles. In this article we are going to discuss the vintage tuxedo and how best to style the tuxedo to get this look.

When it comes to vintage tuxedo look there are many stores and sites that still offer styles of tuxedos that dates back decades. The price of these vintage classic tuxedos might be slightly high when compared to the usual tuxedos but it is worth the look that it offers. For styling the vintage tuxedo look you will have to know some of the history and the styles that were prevalent over the years in the tuxedo. The tuxedos have had a long journey and have been in style for over a century without changing much which is a feat in itself.

Wedding Tuxedo The classic vintage tuxedo which was the original design had a single breasted jacket which is the design that is followed even today. The tuxedo allegedly wad first worn by Griswold Lorillard to a autumn fall in the tuxedo club which was one of the most important events in the New York social calendar at that time. Some say that he was a rebellious young man who was bored with the usual tailed attire for formal events while some state that he was the son of the man who actually hosted the event. The second theory also states that the short tuxedo style without the tail which was a new style at that time was the idea created by the prince of wales himself who later became Edward VII. He created it as a evening jacket style which was to be a casual style when compared to the tailed tuxedos. The style spread by acquaintances and Griswold Lorillard soon wore the short tuxedo with the satin lapels which is the style of tuxedo that we know as of now.

While this vintage Men's tuxedo was first used for casual events or evening events soon by the start of the 20th century they gained a prominent place among the men's formal wear. At the start of the use shawl lapel vintage Men's tuxedo was the most used and it was paired with a white dress shirt and trousers. But after they were used for formal events the vintage peak lapel tuxedo became the norm. The vintage Men's tuxedo was usually black and had a single button on the jacket. They were worn with a white shirt and black accessories.

While the world war started the vintage tuxedo sale took a downfall as like all other formal garments. But after some time the vintage Men's tuxedo style again picked up in the 1930s and this time it had a youthful intervention. While the vintage black tuxedos style was the one that was most preferred soon men especially the younger ones sought after new styles like vintage midnight blue tuxedos and vintage gray tuxedos. This disruption lasted for quite some time and it was progressed to a point that the sales of the midnight blue vintage Men's tuxedos peaked than the black vintage Men's tuxedos at one point.

The vintage Men's tuxedo style became still more popular when it started to get the limelight thanks to Hollywood. The version of vintage Men's tuxedo that Humphrey Bogart wore which is a white tuxedo with crisp white shirt and black bow tie became insanely popular at that time. If you are a person who is a great fan of the vintage films and dressing as well you can opt to go with the Humphrey Bogarts vintage white tuxedo look. This white tuxedo style is best for summer and spring events since the light color of the tuxedo will be greatly complemented by the bright nature of the season.

Black Prom Tuxedo For a retro vintage Men's tuxedo style you can go with colored tuxedo styles that are different from the black tuxedo style. For a subtle look you can go with the 30s vintage Men's tuxedo look by going with vintage navy tuxedos or charcoal gray vintage Men's tuxedos. For the 60s and 70s vintage Men's tuxedo look you can go with synthetic ones like polyester vintage Men's tuxedos and rayon vintage Men's tuxedos since it was the time when the synthetic materials were first introduced in the clothing industry. Until then vintage wool tuxedos were the ones that were commonly used with some inclusion of the cotton vintage Men's tuxedos.

If you are a fun loving person who would like a bold vintage Men's tuxedo look then it is best to go with 70s style. These vinatge tuxedo styles are best for costume parties or use it as prom vintage Men's tuxedos since they have a very different style than we have now. You can go with bright colored ones like red vintage Men's tuxedos and even pink vintage Men's tuxedos. These vintage Men's tuxedos might also come with ruffles and oversized ties. The details of the vintage Men's tuxedos is what makes the look perfect and thus it is best for you to spend some time on it.

After the 70s the vintage Men's tuxedos look took a more conservative side and gave rise to the style of tuxedos that we have now. While the earlier versions were slightly roomier the new versions were slim cut and came with minimal accessories. If you need a truly vintage look we would recommend for you to go with the slightly roomier versions like classic fit vintage Men's tuxedos. You can also go with the 3 piece vintage tuxedo look by adding a vest or a cummerbund. If you decide to go with recent fits like vintage slim fit tuxedos and fit vintage modern tuxedos make sure to concentrate on the details.